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Dumplin’ and Mochi: 6.5 Weeks Old and 19.5 Weeks Gestation

Geeze, it’s been about a month since my last post. Sorry about that. It’s been really busy for us lately. I’m thinking it’s the beginning of busy for the rest of our lives… 

Anyways, things are better. We struggled a lot with sleep until about a week ago. Dumplin’ would sleep all day and then be wide awake and needing active attention (read: the swing of neglect would not do- he wanted active bouncing on the exercise ball), basically from 11pm to 5am. It was horrid. We were so sleep deprived and ended up having to take shifts entertaining him over the course of the night. You can imagine how difficult this was for DW, who was suffering from pregnancy exhaustion AND working full-time. It kinda set me down a dark road too… And had me googling Lexapro again, thinking that maybe I was in the haze of post-partum depression/anxiety. Then last week, my in laws came to visit and stayed for about half a week. We took Dumplin’ to the One of a Kind Show, which is basically a craft and art fair, where artisans sell their stuff. We go every year, and I seem to buy the same stuff every time: a gluten-free cranberry bread pudding from Cranberry Creek (this stuff is deadly good), t-shirts from Whiteout Workshop, and usually one other unique piece of clothing (I love stuff made by Melissa Bolduc). This year, we also got some delicious toffee from Sweet Truth Candy as Holiday gifts for DW’s coworkers.

Also, while her parents were here, I finally went back to the gym. I was 1 day short of being 6 weeks post-c-section, and had been feeling ready to return probably 2 weeks prior to that. It was glorious! I distinctly remember a feeling of happiness washing over me as I entered the gym. Seriously, people, my attitude took a 180. I did a leg and back workout, and it felt amazing. My core is shot, so I couldn’t lift as much weight as I was at 37 weeks (yay for record keeping!), but I focused instead on mindful reps and good form. And let me tell you, 5 days later and I still feel sore from it! The tricky thing about going back to the gym though, is that the sand in the hourglass starts falling as soon as I last nurse Dumplin’. Basically 2 hours later, my boobs become engorged and start leaking, and I imagine he’s having a fit back at home. I’ve been pumping too, so there’s always something for him to eat, but it still kinda messes up the supply-demand feedback. But I’m hoping to be able to hit the gym in the late afternoons when DW is home from work. I’ve already been twice this week. I was supposed to go again yesterday, but I was feeling really fluish, chills and achey all over, which I think was mastitis because I also had a really sore lump in my right breast. Dumplin’ and I have been trying to open up the clogged duct, but no dice yet. I’m reconsidering this pumping thing now, because I worry that it’s causing an unbalanced supply, and the potential for more clogged ducts.

As for Dumplin’, he started sleeping a lot better as of last week. We have started a bedtime routine at 7pm: diaper change, bath, story, bed. We’ve been swaddling him, and he’ll sleep for about 6 hours with one or two nursings in between. Then there’s a wakeful period (read: screaming and mommy hell… Back on that exercise ball…. Bounce bounce) and then he sleeps for another 3 or so hours. 

I’ve noticed that he sounds super congested all the time, despite us sleeping with a humidifier running in the room. He’s also spitting up a lot, and sometimes pukes if he’s overfull. Little bugger loves to eat. My guess is that he’s eating about 6oz of milk at each feeding. At 6.5 weeks old, he already weighs 13.5lbs! That’s in the 95th percentile. What a chunk!

The first trimester haze has worn off now for DW. She’s feeling more energetic, and much less nauseous. She still gets heartburn from greasy foods, and is still loving pasta and Indian food. Last week we got to see Mochi, and what an active little fetus Mochi is! At Dumplin’s anatomy scan they could barely get him to turn around. We got to see Mochi kick, flail his/her arms, and yawn. And no- we don’t know if Mochi is XX or XY. We’re saving that for the birth!

Here’s Mochi at 18 Weeks, cute as ever:


And here are some Dumplin’ pics to make up for lost time:



65 thoughts on “Dumplin’ and Mochi: 6.5 Weeks Old and 19.5 Weeks Gestation

  1. Oh gosh, he’s just too cute! I’m glad to hear you’re finding that working out is helping you feel better – even just the knowledge that there is something that will help can be a boost! I can’t believe Mochi is nearly half-way there! It does my heart good to see you all doing so well.

    • Aww thanks for the sweet comment. Yeah, it’s nice to have a healthy outlet to look to, especially when most days I don’t even leave the house or basically live in sweatpants/PJ’s. It’s crazy to think that Mochi is halfway there/here!!! It feels like time has just flown by!

  2. Oh damn you’re saving it???? Awwww I was so looking forward to reading about it! πŸ™‚ (I am slightly impatient with exciting surprises, hence my anxiousness to deliver dd!). I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling so great after returning to working out! I’ve been thinking a lot about it too. I miss that feeling, walking into the gym. Working through my routine. Getting ridiculously sweaty. Feeling the burn. Increasing weights because last week’s feel so light, and I feel so strong. Ahhhhhh…! πŸ™‚ xx

    • Haha, yeah I’m super impatient with surprises too. I really wanted to know, but DW really wanted the surprise, so since I got my way with Dumplin’, she gets hers with Mochi. The gym has been amazing. I’m so sore though…. Honestly more sore than I have ever been. I’m convinced that the pregnant state was a workout booster for me too. This mastitis has me taking it easy for a couple of days, but I hope to be back at it tomorrow πŸ™‚ Hopefully, you’ll have an “easy” birth and you’ll be back in the gym before you know it!

  3. I am so impressed that you are back at the gym. Honestly I expect that will help your mental health more then anything right now!! Okay, sleep would also probably help too. ☺ I am so glad to hear that Dw and Mochi are doing well!!

    • Thank you! Yes, the gym is my Prozac. I know that for some people it’s a chore, but I truly love it. It’s a treat for me. And now, with a newborn, it’s a nice escape from the constant nursing, burping, diaper changing, and my general spit-up covered existence lol.

      • I can only imagine. Bean kills my arms but they slowly got stronger with her gaining weight! You must be almost done with taking his infant car seat out. No way I could lift bean in hers now if she still fit in it

  4. Awwwww baby face!!! He’s sooo handsome. I wanna squeeze his wittle cheekies. The gym will for sure help your postpartum anything. It’s an overall mood changer. Get used to the long nights mama, there’s lots ahead of you. You two will balance it out. He’s so new πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Yeah he’s pretty cute. He is starting to coo too, which adds another level of cuteness! Yes, so glad for the gym. It seriously turns my frowns upside down πŸ™‚

  5. Isn’t it funny how the minute you feel like getting back on the exercise bandwagon, you realize that you can’t because there is just no time anymore? I’m glad you found a way to make some time! I’ve been ready to be back on the treadmill for weeks, but I haven’t managed yet. Not enough hours in the day! It’s so great that you’ve got him sleeping. That makes such a huge difference. (Not that I would know!) He is such a cutie pie. I love when he pops up in my Facebook feed. So glad things are going well for DW and Mochi, too!

  6. He’s just lovely – so cuddly! Well done on the gym girl, that is brilliant. So much changes in 6 weeks. Baby F is still sleeping an hour at a time night and day… I am looking forward to some longer stretches of sleep so much… The awake in the night thing is exhausting isn’t it? And wow for DWs scan – her pregnancy seems to be flying by!!

    • I have read that they start sleeping more once they hit 13 lbs, and it seemed to be textbook for Dumplin’. So baby girl just needs to fatten up quick lol. The nighttime wakefulness is killer. I seriously thought I’d lose my mind these past couple of weeks. I hope it improves for you soon!

  7. Yay update! Glad things are going well and you are getting some time to take care of you. Pumping can definitely add to clogs so if you don’t need to pump for supply, I wouldn’t do it more than once a day. I hope you are getting some rice packs on it and know all the things to do. He is adorable as ever. Total heart melter. Hopefully your nights calm down soon.

  8. Good for you carving out a little time for yourself! I think that it’s so important (and am only starting to figure it out for myself nearly five years into this parenting gig). Those are two super-cute little ones you guys have. And really, if you want to get out of the house any time in the next week or two let me know. Sprout and I would totally be game for kicking around Yorkdale with you guys and grabbing a hot apple cider at Starbucks or something. πŸ™‚

  9. God, he is so roley poley! I’m sorry impressed you’re back at the gym at barely 6 weeks out! It took me much longer to feel able to do more than walk! Definitely lay off the pumping if you are getting mastitis! If you have a small stash and will mostly be around to nurse, you really run the risk of creating an oversupply. Also, most infants are kind of stuffy, especially c section babies, cause they don’t get the lung squeeze. It clears up in a bit! Can’t wait to find out who mochi is!

    • Thanks for the reassurance. I agree that maybe I should stop pumping since I don’t really want to run the risk of more plugged ducts. Do you remember when Ansel’s airways cleared out? The midwife checked his lungs today and it’s all clear. Just phlegmy throat.

      • I honestly can’t recall, it’s all such a blur! I’m thinking around 8 weeks, but it might have been a bit later?

  10. He is so delicious. I hear you on the sleepless nights and I’m relieved for you that he’s settling down and sleeping a bit more lately. I cannot imagine how hard it is for DW to go to work! I could barely do it while pregnant, but to be pregnant and have a newborn – just wow. You guys are so blessed to have these babies but so in the trenches!

    Im happy you could get to the gym. Can you do some weights at home during Dumplin’s naps? That works pretty well for me and that day you could get in 30 minutes here and there.

    Mochi is looking very cute!

    • Thank you! Yes, my wife is a trooper. I am amazed by how she’s able to juggle it all. Now that Dumplin’s here already, I’m even more excited to have two babies so close in age! Dumplin’s naps are kinda unpredictable right now, so it’s hard to plan much, but I’m sure we can make something work between the time that DW gets home and bedtime πŸ™‚ I hope you three are doing great! Can’t wait for an update from you.

      • Yes your babies will be good friends! It’ll seem like Dumplin’s a lot older at first and then it’ll even out. I hope DW gets some sleep, and you too!

  11. He is SO adorable!! (As is Mochi, or course!) Glad you’re feeling better and that you are all getting into a groove. I’m impressed – we are just now starting to get a bedtime routine, but it is still kind of all over the place.

    I just checked out the link to whiteout workshop and bought Di a t-shirt for Christmas! So thanks for that πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! I think it was your suggestion of taking shifts at night that got us through the worst patch of his nocturnal sleep patterns. I’m a person who likes routine, so starting one for him has been kinda nice for me. It has also helped that DW is dead tired at the end of every day, so she’s game for getting ready for bed at 7pm lol. I hope you three are doing great!

      • I think I would quite like a routine, too! Junie’s sleep is so erratic still though, so her tired time is pretty inconsistent and she is sometime a total wild thing in the evenings so we end up doing a bunch of things to see what will work. The bath plus bedtime story sounds really nice, maybe we’ll try to implement that soon. I am so hoping that that 13 pound sleep thing is true – in which case I might have a sleeping baby in just a few weeks!!

    • Which T-shirt did you get her? Their shirts are soooooo soft. I love them. She makes new prints every year, so if you check around this time next year, you might have new Xmas gifts again too!

  12. That FACE, and all the CHUNK! I wanna squish him so bad! glad to hear that everyone is doing great and that sleep is finally taking a little turn around. Getting back to the gym is so good for your mental health, so it’s no surprise that you felt loads better after. Missed hearing from you and your beautiful family, friend…glad to see things are doing well….and a Mochi surprise! SWEET!!!

    • Phew! Thank goodness things turned around. I had two meltdowns just days before it did. Thanks for all of the loved my friend. I’ve missed your awesomeness too. I feel like time has flown, and I have so much to get caught up on. I hope your pregnancy is continuing to go great!

  13. Love him! He is so adorable! I love babies! I’m so glad mine are no longer babies because they were just too stressful together for one momma, but now I find myself wanting to hold onto this 4 and 5 year old and not let them grow up anymore…enjoy! I can’t wait to see more pics of him and Mochi. Blessings!

    • Thank you. To be honest, because DW is only home for 3 wakeful hours a day, I kinda feel like I’m doing it alone too (though it’s probably nothing like really doing it alone). This newborn stage is so hard, but I do feel sad that these cute moments are flying by.

  14. His cute little face is so adorable! That was one thing Corrie was surprised at when she went back to the gym was how terrible her core was. Someone told her to do a plank and her mind knew exactly what needed to be done but she literally could not get up off the floor.

  15. Double like this post. Both little ones are adorable and I am glad you’re finding a flow!

    I kinda feel like my core is shot now since I haven’t been doing anything but walking since July basically. I do pelvic floor and prego core exercises but, yeah…. So hearing your experience and knowing how fit you were prior helps me to keep perspective so I can see this in a long term way.

    Glad you posted pics, the yawn adorable.

  16. I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing! I absolutely think that sleep is the hardest part of parenting (followed by trying to make collaborative decisions while somebody screams and flails in your arms), but it sounds like you’re figuring out great strategies.

    Dumplin is adorable!

  17. That baby of yours couldn’t get any cuter, D! I love that you’re waiting until Mochi is born to find out his/her sex.

    Thanks for the update – I’ve been thinking of all of you!

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