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Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 2

Not a lot of time to post, but last night was different than the first night. Here are my notes:

Sleep Training Day 2:

6:55pm start

Intermittent fussing/crying 

Sleep waves in minutes: 7, 8, 12, 14, 14

Total time until sleep: 1 hour 13 minutes

Feedings: 11pm, 2:15am, 4:45am

Wake-up: 8:30am

Unlike the first night, Dumplin’ didn’t cry continuously this night, but rather kinda fussed and cried on and off. He also fussed a number of times in the night, and DW had to sleep wave him once or twice. Now I’m not sure if it’s because we responded to one of his fusses (the 2:15am one) with a nursing, but from 4:45 until about 5:30am, he continued fussing.

Now, I really have to give props to DW for being the one who does the sleep waves with Dumplin’. We figured that as the milky mama, it would be more difficult on him to have me coming in to do the gradual checks, because we’re trying to break his nursing sleep attachment. So we did the beginning of his bedtime routine together- nurse, bath, coconut oil massage, and PJ’s, and then I took the dogs out for a walk while she put him to bed and did the sleep waves.

We are more tired today because last night was  a bit more challenging for us with all of the fussing, but we all went to the gym today (Dumplin’ went into their childminding for an hour to see some friendly faces and socialize with his friends), and then took him for his first swim in the pool! He was really good- didn’t cry, and was just taking it all in. We held him in different positions and DW showed me the proper way to bring a baby into and out of the pool (she used to lifeguard and also taught parent and tot swimming lessons as a teen). We start swimming “lessons” with the city in a week and a bit, so we thought it would be good to get him acquainted with being in a pool. He was super cute in his swim diaper, but sadly, I didn’t manage to get a photo. Maybe next time!

Anyways, here’s to hoping that swimming relaxed him a lot, and that sleep training tonight goes better. 

29 thoughts on “Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 2

      • I’ve never had a full nights sleep yet. Sometimes that feels bittersweet, and I feel weird that my friends’ babies sleep all the way through the night, but it’s a choice. There’s a lot of pressure (not from Lindsay, I just mean in general!) but it’s ok to keep your night feeds if you want!

      • You’re right- I feel kinda bittersweet about night feeds too. For me, it’s nice to have the tender moments with him, and to have him still need me a bit, even though it means that I don’t get more than 3 or 4 continuous hours of sleep. I still can’t believe that so many of your friends’ babies sleep all the way through the night. It must have been difficult to night wean, because I can’t imagine Dumplin’ going that long without eating at least once!

      • I want to look back and know I was there for Gia when she needed it most, especially being a working mom. Night feeding is part of that. I remember a woman in my group said when the babies were five months that her baby had been “off night feeds for awhile now”. She was a breast feeder. I just didn’t get it – not in a judgmental way, I just literally didn’t get how her son stopped night nursing. Who knows. Anyway, when Gia sleeps six or seven hours at a time (about once every few weeks) it feels like christmas. But that doesn’t make me want to night wean her!

  1. So so glad you’re seeing some gradual progress. The second night was the hardest for us. Dumplin looks so loved and peaceful sleeping in his crib!

    We’re starting Gia in swimming next week. It’s so cool that you’re getting him in the water already! Can you tell me how to put baby in and out of the water??

    • I’m so excited for Gia! So to get in and out of a pool without stairs you can walk down, you sit her up at the edge of the pool and have a hand on her as you lower yourself into the pool facing her. Once you’re in, you can carry her in from the edge of the pool. To exit the pool, you do the same- pull her out of the water and have her sit on the edge of the pool, facing you. Keeping a hand on her, you can either jump and push yourself up using the other arm so that you can get the rest of your body out too, or climb up the ladder stairs at the side. Of course, if there is a set of gradual stairs you can walk down, just use those and hold the railing 🙂 the place we were at didn’t have a shallow end, so that’s why we did it this way. I hope she (and you) have fun!!!

  2. I’m watching the results of the sleep training with interest. Downloaded the HS book after seeing houndmamas success, interested to see how it works for you.

    • Yes, I will do my best to keep reporting 🙂 Charlotte and Gia (Reciprocal Love) inspired me too, with their success stories. I so desperately hope, for our sake and our baby’s happiness and well-being that this works well 🙂

  3. Full of admiration – I’d have caved by now. I hope this works cause if it does I’ll be re-reading all these posts for strength when we do it!!

      • Thank you! We really did. Funny enough, I feel like I’m getting less sleep now though, because getting up to nurse him a couple times a night is more wakeful than rolling over and giving him the boob while half asleep lol. I’m sure we’ll get into a good rhythm though, and find a system where I am more efficient and/or go to bed earlier too.

      • That’s true! It’ll take some adjusting for sure. Charlotte still wakes up 2-3 times, so I get up and nurse her in her rocking chair and then go back to bed. Some nights I can fall asleep immediately, but some nights I toss & turn. That’s when I really get frustrated.

      • So she goes about 4 hours between feedings then? Do you feed her on a schedule, or when she fusses? We’re trying to decide if it’s okay to go to her and nurse when she fusses, or if that messes up the self-soothing/ sleep waves we’re doing. What are your thoughts?

      • Charlotte usually goes 5-7 hours and then 3 hours and then 2-3hours. The early mornings can be hard for her though. As long as it’s been at least 3 hours and I’m sure she’s not going to put herself back to sleep (mostly this is if she wakes during her long stretch–if it’s only been 3 hours then, I know she’ll sleep longer if I just let her fuss for a few mins) I do feed her when she wakes & fusses.

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