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Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 3

Last night went much better than the first two nights (which weren’t even that bad). I hope that we’re turning a corner here. He fussed minimally about 3 hours after each nursing session though, which might have been his way of telling us he’s hungry. At 5 months old, I thought he’d be able to last longer than 3 hours, but seeing as how he’s had an all-you-can-eat nighttime nursing buffet since birth, I accommodated his requests. I hope that he naturally starts to nurse more during the day though, and/or goes a little longer between feedings at night so that I can get a good chunk of continuous sleep. Right now, I’m sleeping in 2 hour increments due to these nursing sessions, and I’m soooo tired. I estimate that I only got about 6 hours of sleep altogether last night. This is less sleep than I was getting when we were bedsharing, and I hope that we find a way for me to get more sleep again. Waking up to feed him, then going back to bed and waiting to see how he settles just takes so long. Hopefully, with time, I can do the nursing sessions and fall back asleep quickly. 

Here are my notes from last night:

Sleep Training Day 3:

7:25pm start

Crying started right away

Sleep wave in minutes: 11, 14

Total time until sleep: 25 minutes

Feedings: 10pm, 2am (fussed, and required a sleep wave before), 5am (fussed, and required a sleep wave before)

Wake-up: 8am

Also funny was that at the 5am fussing, Dumplin’ had learned how to turn on his aquarium! I turned on the baby monitor and noticed that the lights were going and watched him repeatedly hit the on/off button at the front of it! 

The aquarium:


15 thoughts on “Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 3

  1. Wow! He is such a clever dude! Less crying at the start of the night though – hopefully a corner turned! I’m getting 90 minute sleep intervals at the mo, although totalling around 7.5 hours, so feel your pain. The tiredness is unrelenting…

  2. I am fascinated by this sleep wave thing. What is it? Simon sleeps well, but I am curious just in case. There is an 8-9 month sleep regression and I am terrified and have a bit of PTSD from the 4th-month one. O_O Also, Simon turns his aquarium on too. If we have it turned off, he’ll just lie there and hit the button repeatedly like “Why. won’t. you. turn. on!”

    • I hear ya about the PTSD lol. I’ll explain the sleep waves in my next post since so many people have asked about it- so stay tuned for tomorrow! I love that Simon loves his aquarium too!!

  3. He is so clever! Maybe he’ll be a techy kind of guy, take things apart, put them together, etc…

    Also – what is a “sleep wave”? I’ve never heard of that!

  4. This sounds good. Hopefully you’ll be able to stretch out the sleep time to a solid 8 – even if in chunks- over the next few weeks. That alone would probably go a long way.

    I wondered about the aquarium. It seems like a lot of babies like it!

  5. Sounds like it’s going well. I don’t know if you’re willing to start cereal yet but some cereal just before bed time would probably fill his little tummy a little better and get you a longer stretch of sleep at least for the first half of the night. πŸ™‚

  6. This is great!! I am so happy to hear that he is progressing well, even if right now it means less sleep for you. I kind of think / hope that quickly it will mean more sleep for you. And I totally love that he can turn the aquarium on and off! That’s amazing! πŸ™‚

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