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Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 4 

Lots of good learning happening in the Mama et Maman household! Dumplin’ fussed (no screaming or real crying) intermittently for only 12 minutes last night. I took the dogs out for an evening walk as DW put the little man to bed, and when I came home, all was calm and quiet. Apparently, right at around the 11-12 minute mark, DW watched Dumplin’ turn off his aquarium on the baby monitor! At around 2:45am, I heard him fuss, and went in to nurse him. After we were done, I went back to our bedroom and watched him on the baby monitor as he was waving his left arm in the direction of the aquarium repeatedly until he turned it on again! He then watched the aquarium as the music played, the lights flickered, the water bubbled, and the fishes danced. He soon fell back asleep and didn’t wake until 8am. That’s almost 5 hours! I’m so proud of our sweet boy for staying positive as we encourage him to self-soothe and look within for comfort.

Here are our stats from last night:

Sleep Training Day 4:

7:30 pm start

Only intermittent fussing, hit the aquarium to turn it off right before falling asleep

Sleep wave in minutes: 12 

Total time until sleep: 12 minutes

Feedings: 10pm, 1:20am, 2:45am (fussed before, and afterwards- turned on his aquarium on his own)

Wake-up: 8am

Now, I’ve had a couple of questions about what a “Sleep Wave” is, and I’m sorry that I haven’t explained it until now. It’s a term used to describe the check-ins that form the basis of the sleep training method described in The Happy Sleeper book. After putting babies down for the night, if they cry, you start timing and check in on them once every 5 minutes of continuous crying. Each cycle of (cry for 5 minutes–>check-in) is called a Sleep Wave. Now, we didn’t time our Sleep Waves the same way as the book recommends though, since Dumplin’ seemed to become more upset each time we went in, which made us think that maybe he needed more than 5 minutes to switch from looking to us to soothe him to looking inward for soothing, so we went with gradual check-ins, where the time you wait between check-ins increases. There are a bunch of different sets of times recommended by different sleep training methods. So technically, we weren’t doing the 5-minute Sleep Waves as prescribed by The Happy Sleeper, but I liked using the term because it nicely described how many “rounds” of checking-in we had to do.

Here’s a cute photo of our sweet and happy little boy, wearing his new ear muffs!


27 thoughts on “Dumplin’: Sleep Training Day 4 

  1. Success!!! I’ve got to get to reading that book asap, as we’re fast approaching 4 months and it’s becoming noticeably more difficult to get K to sleep without the boob. I’ll be seeking your wisdom!

      • I will! But the snuggles don’t end, you will find out (I’m guessing you might anyway) – M became more daytime snuggly during feeds as though she too missed our nighttime proximity. She was distracted more often, so I’d try to feed in quiet when possible, and the feeds were more quality over quantity. K is a boobaholic – allllll day long she seems to have frequent short feeds. I think I may try to reduce the frequency to see if I can get her taking more at once. It’s rare she goes more than 2 hrs unless she’s sleeping.

      • Yeah- it’s tough. Don’t you just wish they could tell you what’s up? No word of a lie, Dumplin’ cluster fed like crazy until about 3.5/4 months, was a short chunkeroo throughout his 4th month, and then all of a sudden, grew out of all of his jammies but lost his muffin top and suddenly was super slim. We measured him at 4 months and 5 months and he had grown 6cm!

      • Yes!! It’s the #1 benefit to them learning to sign or to speak! The no no no no am the time is annoying, but the reduced guess work is great. 6 cm that’s awesome! I swear they grow like weeds literally overnight sometimes. Bam! Wake up an inch taller.

  2. Sounds like things are going really well! What a relief it must be too finally be getting some sleep! (I quite honestly think sleep deprivation is one of the toughest things about parenthood.)

    • Yes! I’m so proud of him (and of us for sticking with it). I know things won’t always be perfect with his sleep, as leaps, regressions, teething, etc. happen. But at least I know that we can support him a bit better now. I totally agree too- sleep deprivation is just awful. I guess that’s probably why it’s a well-known torture tactic haha.

  3. So glad things are going so well! You will find your little Dumplin’ and you will be so much happier. I’m so lucky my girls are great sleepers, normally, but they’re both teething right now and sleep has been pretty terrible these last few days. If they don’t snap back into their usual sleep habits soon, I’m definitely going to have to check out that book. It will be very difficult to sleep train with them sharing a nursery, though, so fingers crossed they sort it out naturally.

    • Awwe. I’m sorry teething has been so painful for them. Yeah, I’ve been wondering how it would be with Dumplin’ and Mochi sharing a room- as that is our plan for when Mochi is about 5-6months- to have them share a room. I’m amazed by the progress we’ve made with Dumplin’s sleep though, and while we didn’t follow the book completely, I felt that the book did a good job of explaining baby sleep and helped me feel better about encouraging him to find some independence on his own.

    • Thank you! It means so much to us that he’s progressed so well with very little resistance. I appreciate your support throughout this process. I think that him turning on/off the aquarium is an example of him showing his autonomy too- which is awesome!

      • Totally – you must be so happy! I felt so proud of and impressed by Gia in this process. But now she’s in the sixth leap and she’s struggling again, refusing to go to bed and awake in the night a lot. At least now we know it’s temporary and we know how to deal with it!

      • Oh no! I hope the 6th leap is short, and that she’s back to her chill self again soon. I agree that it’s so nice to have this technique in your back pocket, and I bet she’s dealing with the leap better now with her self-soothing skills than had you not trained her!

  4. That. Is. Awesome. Seriously! Oh my. I have had two days and nights of absolute hell so this is the BEST post to read as it gives me so, so much hope that things might change… In fact, I might even attempt to sleep train baby F asap! Given the little man was as dependent as she currently is, if not more so (with the all-you-can-eat-night-buffet haha!), perhaps I can change things before I literally go crazy from lack of sleep… Please keep us updated (is there likely to be a regression?) and good luck!

    • Yes! I saw your post on Fb (8 hours in 25 hours) and I feel for you. And isn’t hubby away for work right now? Everything is 100x harder when you’re sleep deprived. I wonder if F is going through a leap (Wonderweeks) right now? Have you downloaded the app or the book (if you want the book, I can send an ecopy to you- I don’t remember if i already have). I think it would be okay to sleep train her a little early, if you are going bonkers. I know so many moms that sleep train them as early as a month! And you can use much gentler methods than what we did, but see huge results to get you two to a more comfortable level of dependency. Hugs friend.

  5. I used to think that Aquarium was lame… But I think you’ve proved me wrong. I can picture Wyatt playing with it like Dumplin does. I’m so glad the sleep training is working out for you. Do you find yourself more tired from getting up though? Is that where you began struggling to go back to sleep?

    • He LOVES the aquarium so much! When he wakes up in the middle of the night, we watch him on the monitor as he turns it on and watches it. He’s started turning it on with his feet recently too lol. Little bugger. I’m definitely more tired having to get up so much to feed him- I’m not good with interrupted sleep. I need a long stretch of sleep to feel restored. Yeah, I’ve always had difficulty falling back asleep after being woken up.

  6. Sleep training can be tough when you’re in the middle of it but it is absolutely worth it in the end! You’re baby will still love you and mama will sleep better. It’s a win-win situation!

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