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Treating Anxiety: Days 1 and 2 on Lexapro/Cipralex

I started the meds two nights ago, and I definitely feel different already. It’s not necessarily a good different, just different. The first night, I slept better, only waking to go to Dumplin’s room to nurse him three times. The next day, I felt like I do when I’m depressed- seeking comfort in cozy warm blankets and clothes, carbs, and quiet spots on the couch or in bed. I was so unmotivated to go to the gym, but I did. When I was there, I could barely muster up a 30% effort, compared to my usual 90-100% effort. I think my regular anxious state helps to push me to challenge myself physically. 

That night, we watched a little Netflix, and then talked about how we need to do our taxes. Clearly, that was a bad topic to bring up before bed, because I laid in bed for 3 hours, with my head spinning. I eventually fell asleep, but again, the hours added up were not many, since Dumplin’ wants to be nursed every 2:30-3hours. 

During the day today, I’m super tired and lazy. DW was willing to watch Dumplin’ so that I could go to the gym, but I opted to take my second nap of the day instead (it’s only 2pm). This is how tired this medication is making me.

So far, side effects that I’ve noticed are: tiredness, nausea, feeling cold (temperature), and a lack of motivation to do anything.

I’m not as anxious, which I guess is the purpose of taking this medication. But I hate feeling this way.

Like I mentioned in my last post, my day times are fine- minimal anxiety then. It’s just nighttime when I’m trying to go to sleep. If I weren’t breastfeeding, I would’ve opted for an Ativan at night as needed, rather than a whole course of antidepressants. 


Now, I’m off to nap.

19 thoughts on “Treating Anxiety: Days 1 and 2 on Lexapro/Cipralex

  1. I’ve watched two people in my life start and benefit from lexapro now, and both of them found that the first two weeks were hardest – particularly for the sleepy aspect, and after that things evened out a lot. I know it’s anecdotal, but cross my fingers you see the benefits soon!!

  2. Sounds like you took care of yourself instead of forcing yourself to work out. Adjustment is hard. Sometimes i fantasize about taking a Xanax or even just a half of a sleeping pill to turn my head off. Breastfeeding is a crazy commitment. Good luck. Thank you for sharing your process with us.

  3. What dose did they put you on? I hate the flattening of AD/AA meds too. Did you get this same pattern last time on cipralex? Btw if you didn’t already know this the generic came out here in the last couple years and if you don’t get 100% coverage the cost is significantly lower. Ativan didn’t make you feel unlike yourself? I hated the flattening and just blurry was I felt on it though I know others don’t have that effect at all. I hope this helps on the whole in time and if not that you can find something that does. Hugs, my friend.

    • Thank you for the info. They’ve got me on 5mg for a week, then 10mg for a week, and increasing by 5mg each week until I find a therapeutic dose. I chickened out last time and filled the rx but didn’t take the meds, so this is my first time on it. My drug plan is pretty good, as I have dual coverage too, but I think they gave me the generic. Is the brand name better? I like the Ativan so far, but they didn’t give me an rx for it since it’s so addictive. I’m just using up the measly 9 pills of 0.5mg I had from before. I am hating the Cipralex so far though. I hope that the transitional stage passes quickly. What was your experience like on Cipralex?

      • I’ve never taken Cipralex. LP has been on it for ages along with another AD after switching from different meds (MAOIs). I have a couple of friends on it too. I think it can be super helpful once it settles down but all antidepressants are an imperfect solution to the chemical imbalances they’re meant to redress in my personal experience and both professional and personal observation (I worked with mental health patients before going into law). I don’t blame you for hating it during this time. Hopefully it gets better enough to make it worthwhile.

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