Baby Nursery On a Budget Part 1

After spending muchos dineros trying to get pregnant (4IUI’s, IVF#1 and #2, 5 transfers, 4 rounds of intralipids), and having me off work for almost the entire school year, DW and I have had to be smart with our money. Building a baby nursery and the accoutrements that come with it is an area that we can cut major costs because a) people often sell used items in very good condition, b) if you’re not in a hurry you can look for sales on items that you need, c) you can repurpose old items that are still suitable for baby’s purposes, and d) second hand stores often have a plethora of baby things that are easy to sanitize.

I’m not usually one for details, but I thought I’d share our progress so far with making purchases for Dumplin’s room and needs, while on a budget. Now, we don’t technically have a budget in the literal sense of the word (like a numerical figure), but there are certain areas where you can cut costs, and we’re willing to either wait it out or spend the time and effort seeking things second hand. 

For example, so far we’ve been getting Dumplin’s room ready. We used some no VOC primer and paint that we had left over from painting the basement (free) and then felt free to spend more on the best quality no VOC final paint colour for his room:

 The colour of the room before:  
Priming the walls:

Painted walls and closet:

We then repurposed two dressers that were just storing dog stuff and old university jerseys from both of our varsity field hockey days. These were in our crawl space and used to be DW’s baby furniture.

 We then hit up Craigslist and Kijiji and got some awesome deals on second hand items that we wanted:

We paid $75 for this glider plus a Boppy (would have retailed for $360 brand new):  

We paid $50 for this Snap and Go stroller (retails for $110 not including tax at BRU):

We paid $35 for this Diaper Genie Elite plus 4 refills (retails for $69.99 at BRU):

And our biggest score so far, was this Halo Bassinest with two extra sheets for $180 (retails for 299.99 + 16.99 + 16.99 = $377 including tax):

At Value Village today, we were walking through the electronics section to get to the baby section, and randomly just saw this:

 Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer, paid $5.99 (not including tax), but retails for $36.99 on (hells ya!):
The last couple of weeks Babies R U has been running their Babyfest sale, so we picked up three items:
The Chicco Keyfit for $220 instead of $289:

And this nursery essentials kit, which includes a change pad, two covers, 2 waterproof changing pad protectors, 1 fitted mattress pad, and 2 terry cloth crib sheet protectors (retails for $80 not including tax, but we got for $45 – $10 coupon = $35 not including tax):

That’s all of our progress so far. More to come in Part 2… Which will probably be after our baby shower. Very little has been bought from our baby registry, so I’m sure there will be much more we will need to buy.