21.5 Weeks: I Spoke too Soon

Not 24 hours after proclaiming how much wonderful energy I had, did it all come tumbling down. I am so tired again every afternoon, and have been napping to get through each day. I have also noticed an increase in my appetite, and have added another meal to my day, which tells me that maybe Dumplin’ is going through a growth spurt. 

Also, I’ve totally finished my stash of Diclectin (Diclegis) and have been dry heaving once or twice a day again. Ugh. I’m almost 22 weeks! Why am I still so nauseous?! With that, has returned some food aversions, particularly of the chicken variety, which sucks because chicken had become a healthy staple in my diet, bringing my protein count up. Now, I wanna gag anytime I think about it. Yuck!

Today, I met with our union’s parental leave person, who went through the whole paperwork process with me and explained how everything works. I’m feeling pretty excited about all of it, but there is a lot of paperwork, which makes me a bit nervous. At my next midwife appointment (tomorrow), I will have to get a signed letter confirming Dumplin’s due date, which will be sent to my principal as well as the school board, as the first step in initiating this process. The rest of it kind of happens once I have started my leave, and then when Dumplin’ actually arrives. My plan is to teach in September and October, as long as I am physically comfortable doing so. Once things start becoming really uncomfortable, I might be able to take some time off before his due date, if medically necessary. 

Questions for y’all: 

1. By how many weeks were you becoming physically uncomfortable at work?

2. How close to your due date did you (or do you plan to) work until?

3. How much time do you feel would’ve been ideal to have off before baby’s due date?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Now I will leave you with photos of some cute things that I’ve sewn recently for Dumplin’: Waterproof PUL wet diaper bags (one is for him and one is for my swim stuff).   3-Layer flannel fox print bandana drool bibs, white organic bamboo microfleece soakers (size large and small), and flannel PJ’s.

 Linen newborn kimono.

Lastly, I think our registry is pretty well done. We hammered out details, read reviews, and debated between our wants vs. needs, and also left out things we can probably get second hand. Woohoo!

Have a great Monday!

Baby Registry Feedback

So I’m totally procrastinating today, and it’s only Monday. Juno was bad yesterday, and consumed a loaf of my specially bought gluten-free vegan bread from Bunners, a bakery downtown. She also started in on a box of Kleenex, her favourite. Inevitably, this means that she will wake me up in the middle of the night to let her out into the yard for an impromptu poop. After her poop, I settled back into bed, and then the little dog decides that she wanted outside. Why she couldn’t have gone out at the same time as her sister is beyond me…. I guess this is a tiny glimpse into the sleeplessness of parenthood. 

Anyways, after returning to bed the second time, I couldn’t fall back asleep and spent from 3am to 5:30am building our baby registry. It’s not really a registry, in the sense that I expect people to buy us all of this stuff, but more of a collection of things that I think I would like to get for the baby. 

Here’s sorta a draft of what I have come up with so far. I’d love any feedback into what is missing but is a “must-have” for the newborn stage, and also what is useless and kind of a waste of money. 

Some things I plan to make still- like one-size cloth diapers, a wet bag (maybe), burp bibs, a knitted hat and mitts, car seat belt covers, and maybe a fake Moby (for baby wearing).

Some things, I’m anticipating people will buy/make for us, like baby clothes, receiving blankets, booties.

We also are really into buying some things second hand- like an infant bath tub, clothes from the Goodwill or Value Village.

I also need to start thinking about furnishing the nursery, but until we move our office stuff downstairs, there’s really no point in going there yet.

So here goes… Please give me feedback! Thanks in advance 🙂