FET#4: 10DP5DT or 15DPO: Results




I thought that some nice pictures of the dogs might ease you all into bad news.

We just got the call from the clinic.


We are devastated, but not surprised. I guess the Dollarama pregnancy tests were more correct than that stupid Clearblue Easy Plus.

I’m supposed to stop all my meds, aside from my thyroxine, and AF should arrive within 2-5 days.

I feel like I need a vacation. Take me away from this cold, terrible place.

Never did I ever think that we would blow through all seven blastocysts and be worse off than before we started. Some believe that there is a lesson in each failed IVF cycle. What have we learned?

– DW can’t hold a pregnancy past the first week
– I can’t hold a pregnancy to heartbeat viability

The reasons for DW’s failed attempts are unknown, and my diagnosis is weak at best.

Where do we go from here?


Just heard from the RE nurse. Negatory on the prego. Blood confirmed. Now I stop the vaginal suppositories and wait for AF. What a treat.

Just made Rice.Krispie.treats., bought a 6-bottle case of gluten-free beer, gonna finally take some antihistamines, have an extra coffee, play hockey tonight, and enjoy a much deserved beer in the change room after the game.

I am sad, but these simple pleasures will hopefully dull the pain.