Day 2: Dinner


DW and I love good food, but dining out can be kind of tricky with my Celiac issues. Generally, we stick to asian restaurants (less gluten dishes), vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurants (because they tend to be more gluten-conscious), or dedicated gluten-free places. Mostly though, we cook at home. We keep it fun and fresh by making special trips to farmers markets or organic butchers with a meal in mind. I also bake a lot, as trying new gluten-free recipes is a hobby of mine, and I must say, my homemade baked goods are better than anything that I’ve tried in a store. Recently, I’ve been on a cornbread kick.

We both like all types of cultural food too, which I’m grateful for. We have friends who are strictly into “North American” food, and it is difficult to coordinate dinners out anywhere other than at a pub or chain restaurant. There’s this awesome Caribbean restaurant in a super shady part of town and I’m craving their chicken curry with rice and beans right now. We love Indian food, but have to watch out for gluten contamination. I have yet to find an Indian place in Toronto that I can trust to have gluten-free dishes. Damn, I’m craving Chana masala right now.

The last time we went out for dinner was our date night. It was about 12 days ago, and we’re due for another dinner out soon- maybe Valentine’s Day? We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts and special whooing, but it’s kind of fun going out for dinner and seeing all sorts of awkwardness as people in various stages of relationships try to romance each other.


My 14 Day Blog Challenge!

Well I’m officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), which is wonderful but also a bit like purgatory. Our beta isn’t for another 10 days, so I thought that now would be a great opportunity to create a blogging challenge!

I invite anyone who is interested to join. I made it 14 days, mostly to give people in their two-week-waits something to keep their minds occupied. I think writing is a great way to be creative and connect with other bloggers. I have always loved reading these kinds of posts.

How it works:

There are 14 questions to be answered, one each day, in the form of a blog post- it can be as short or as long as you would like.

It can include words, a video, or photos.

1. Copy and paste the “How it works” and rules provided.
2. Post the photo of the questions.
3. Tag me in your posts so I can follow you.
4. Answer a question each day.
5. Nominate one blogger friend each day to join in the fun (optional, but encouraged).

Have fun!