The War Against Caffeine

I love coffee. I love the way it smells, I love the bitterness, and sometimes the way it bites back. The stimulant effect is a nice byproduct too. Problem is, I think I love it too much.

Last month I tried to kick the habit. Usually, I start every morning with an Americano, black. In the afternoon I might indulge in another espresso-based drink. My total caffeine intake is less than the 200mg limit recommended by the medical community, but since we’re trying our best to provide the optimal fertile environment, I decided that I wanted to try going cold turkey. Nada coffees. Herbal tea only.

What a bad idea.

Okay, so I anticipated caffeine withdrawal headaches, maybe some grumpiness, but never did I imagine that I would turn into a ginormo crankacaurusrex!


I started to dread mornings because I felt the void left by the vacancy of espresso. I began to resent the 5 extra minutes I had in the morning because I wasn’t steaming my organic lactose-free milk. My mouth grew dry with want. My head was foggy and unfocused. Even my favourite herbal teas began tasting like the water-logged plants that they truly were.

I started to resent tea.

That is when I knew I had a problem.

Who resents tea?

So last week I went for my by-monthly acupuncture appointment and confessed to Dr. Z that I was weak and ashamed of my addiction to coffee. To my surprise, she brushed off my self-loathing and told me that coffee wasn’t going to affect my fertility in moderate amounts, and that black and green tea are worse. Too bad we just bought a Costco-sized box of organic green tea, but hooray for my daily espresso routine making a comeback!

We are on vacation right now, and I must admit that I’ve been having 2 espresso-based drinks per day and loving it. We return to Canada and start our monitoring cycle in a few days.

I’m excited for the process to begin. Stay tuned!