10 Weeks

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and I happily survived it without being pranked. DW teaches at a school that has a high immigrant population, and she said it was entertaining how the kids didn’t “get” what April Fool’s is about. Some teachers pretended to give surprise tests, upsetting innocent students. Some kids in her ESL class tried their hand at some April Tom Foolery, but instead just went around the classroom pointing at classmates and calling them “asshole”. Oh the joys of teaching!

The weather has been warming up here (by warm I mean above freezing), but as I thumb-type this, it’s starting to rain. I was supposed to have a midwife appointment today, but for the second week in a row, my midwife had to reschedule me because she’s at a birth. So I meet her for the first time next week.

People, I am 10 weeks tomorrow!

Symptom-wise, I’m pretty much the same as last week. 

– I’m still suffering from all-day sickness and food aversions, though I’m able to eat some veggies now. I haven’t touched meat in a long time however, and am forcing vegetarian protein substitutes down my throat instead (tofu, tempeh, chickpeas, eggs). 

– headaches persist through the afternoon and evening

– exhaustion

– acne

– [new symptom] muscle soreness- my muscles are sore even from gentle use. Right now my lower back, calves, and left glute are sore.

Once in a while, I feel little flutters in my belly, and I like to think that it’s either Dumplin’ moving or her home expanding. I don’t really have a bump yet, what I have is more of a carb pooch + bloat. I went to see my acupuncturist this week, and he was all ecstatic and asked “are you showing already?!”. I was embarrassed and said no, blaming my full bladder and bloat. 

[Omg, I’m falling asleep just writing this post.]

So it’s Easter this long weekend, and we’re driving out of town to see DW’s family. We usually have a simple dinner together with my MIL + FIL, BIL + SIL + 2 nephews + niece. It’s low-key and casual, and in general we just hope that the dogs don’t fight with their dog cousin, and that my MIL doesn’t get too drunk. 

While everyone knows that we’ve been aggressively trying to make a baby, there really hasn’t been any formal announcement of our pregnancy. Ideally, DW and I would wait until 14 weeks before telling them, but since we probably won’t see them for a while, I figured that we’d announce to them this weekend when we’re all together.

So today I’ve been blowing out, drawing on, decorating, and dying eggs. Blowing out eggs is gross on a normal day, and absolutely disgusting when you’ve got morning sickness. Just think: snotty looking stuff and salmonella everywhere. Don’t worry, I disinfected afterwards.


Eggs, pre-dye. 


Eggs, avec dye.

Then I printed off and rolled up these little messages to slip into the eggs.



The finished product.

The idea is to give each member of the family a decorated egg, which they will crack open to reveal the secret message! 

This was a fun and easy crafting activity for me. I was surprised though, that we have no crayons in the house!?! We have boxes and boxes of pencil crayons, but no wax crayons. So weird. 

Anyways, nothing else to report. I’m thinking of all of you in your respective journeys, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that April will be a very lucky month, filled with good news.

Easter card made by my MIL (the most talented crafter):