21 Weeks

I’m sitting in our yard, watching our plants grow, as I thumb type this post. Today is one of the few days this week which is not super humid. I was up early this morning, and took the dogs to the conservation area for a hike. It was breezy and cool, so I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I have been on our walks lately. The mosquitoes were bad though, as they usually are in the woods, so I still spray copious amounts of my own homemade bug spray (witch hazel and essential oils). 

I’m also sitting in the yard supervising the dogs, which I don’t normally have to do because they are so well-behaved. However, Juno was barking all morning in the yard (unusual), so I went to check on what she was barking about, and low and behold, I see this:

  It seems that a critter is living on the other side of the fence, and I speculate that Juno was trying to be all heroic and shit and wanted to kill the critter for us (her other mother has been very supportive of her natural killer instinct). She is a non-destructive dog, but a couple of years ago, she did something similar and chewed through a thick rain barrel to get at a ground hog hiding underneath it. The dog is stubborn as hell. I am not, so it’s very frustrating trying to train her when she’s got a bee under her bonnet. We don’t really know the neighbours on that side very well- they are renting the house from their uncle who owns it. I am not sure how it’s all gonna play out, but we will definitely have to pay to repair that part of the fence. With an imminent province-wide teacher strike (ie. No paychecks for either of us in September/October), and a baby on the way, we didn’t really need another bill to deal with. We have already cancelled our cable, DW hopes to teach some days in summer school, and I will be pausing my acupuncture treatments (paid out of pocket) to off-set some of the future financial instability. 

Otherwise things are good. I’ve got so much energy these days. I’m lifting weights (no cardio) every other day, and taking the dogs out every other to every day, and haven’t needed a single nap this week. This is all despite the shitty sleep that I’m getting too! Some evenings, I’m so energetic that I can’t sit down to enjoy an episode of Orange is the New Black (I’m also not impressed with the season so far either). 

I’m also a bit anxious again these days. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but I know that this anxiety is common and tends to drive pregnant women’s nesting instincts, which is definitely true for me. I’ve sewn a ton of stuff for Dumplin’ already, and DW thinks I need to slow down or take a break from it. I’ve also been clearing out stuff from the room that is going to be his nursery, and hope for everything to be moved by the end of next week. DW’s dad and her will spend some time painting in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be sent to the cottage with the dogs to be clear of the paint toxins. I’m still working out what colours we would like for his room, but I know we want something gender neutral and likely some kind of grey or warm cream colour. I like this colour scheme, but we’ll have to see how everything comes together and then add accents. 

  The crib is oak but I might have DW paint it white to match with the dresser/change table and antique dresser that are both white. I hate the idea of painting an original oak crib, so maybe I won’t care if it doesn’t match. Nothing in our house really matches anyway. Today, I’m going to look (and possibly bring home) this pre-loved blue glider and ottoman from another mother. 

As for my bump, here’s a photo from today. It doesn’t look any different from last week or even from three weeks ago, but the scale says I’m steadily gaining about a pound a week. I’m not packing on the pounds like I was when I was on the prednisone though. 

  Speaking of meds, my thyroid has been doing really well. My TSH is 0.66 and T4 is 9.0 on only 12.5mcg per day. My endocrinologist wants me to drop my dose to 12.5mcg every other day and then retest in two weeks and then four weeks. If my TSH stays lower than 2, she wants me to go off of the Synthroid completely! 

Dumplin’s kicks have been felt more and more each day. I was washing dishes a couple of days ago and kept buckling over because I was startled by his strong kicks. Mostly his kicks are inward, but sometimes (rarely) they are towards the outside. DW felt him from the outside once this week. We plan to put him in muay thai when he’s old enough (not kidding).

Things are good. School is wrapping up next week, and Toronto Pride is just around the corner. We’re not sure if we will head down because it’s such a hot and sweaty mess even when not pregnant, but maybe. You know what would be great? Meeting up with some local bloggers for brunch/lunch on the Saturday of Pride. Any takers?