Waiting to O

I’m getting antsy. I’ve got ants in my pants. Wait a minute, that isn’t ants, that’s cervical mucous! No shit Sherlock, I think I might ovulate soon.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.

Holy crap!

I’ve been waiting since Sunday for my cervical mucous, and have been stressing about coordinating the timing of ordering the delivery of sperm with when I’m ovulating and when my family doc’s office hours are. Lemme tell you, it’s been hell trying to keep myself from unraveling.

Darling wife, who is currently taking extra courses to become certified to be a vice-principal, has also been sick with the flu (I’ve infected her with the plague :s) and has been consumed with the business of work/health/gardening, so I’m trying not to burden her with my anxiety- because really, there’s nothing I can do but wait…..

So everyday, I’m discretely peeing on an LH stick at work, and then not-so-discretely again at home in the evening, hoping to catch the beginning of my LH spike.

Sperm’s also going to be shipped to my family doc tomorrow, and if I haven’t gotten a spike by Thursday morning, I will have to drive down there and bring the sperm and insemination kit home to do ourselves, which, I’m totally fine with. I’m pretty confident in my clinical skills (I had to learn how to deliver babies and do gynaecological exams in school after all), and am confident in my darling’s ability to follow orders and execute plans perfectly. She is highly kinaesthetic so I have no doubt that she could rock this insemination.

I’m just curious as to what this kit looks like….


Fertility Friends Again

Blame it on the B6, or the red raspberry leaf tea, but not on FF.

It seems that my ovulation occurred earlier this past cycle, perhaps due to some of the herbals that I’ve introduced. Previously, I had been o’ing on day 26, and this past month, I ovulated on day 19-20. This was detected via blood draw and confirmed on day 20 with a temperature spike on my BBT.

I am finding all of this very interesting, especially as we are getting closer to actually trying soon!