Pregnancy Insomnia: Is it too Early?

Well it’s 2am, and I can’t sleep. It’s been like this for over a week now, and I’m throwing in the towel… Except, I can’t really. I have insomnia again, and friends it is bad. A combination of feeling uncomfortable in every sleeping position + the worst allergies ever + having to get up to pee 3+ times a night + being hungry in the middle of the night = hell.

Normally, I just hop on my phone and get caught up on my blogs, and then head over to the repetitive drivel of the “What to Expect Due Date boards”. Most times, reading people fuss over baby names and/or how upset they are that they didn’t get the gender that they are wanted (waaaaahh! Cry me a river, Fertile Myrtle!) is enough to lull me to sleep. However, tonight, the hunger pangs and slight uterine cramps that I’ve been experiencing (growing much?) have me going down to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. While normally, I would go for something more balanced, I didn’t want to start frying up some eggs and turkey kielbasa lest I wake DW up with cooking sounds or its lovely savoury aroma. So instead, I reached for the box of Chex and almond breeze, which didn’t satisfy me. Then I grabbed a GF chocolate chip breakfast muffin (remember that I don’t like sweets right now, and kinda don’t like the taste of chocolate even), sliced it up into horizontal sections, and then slathered it with as much peanut butter as its surface area would allow. My goal here is caloric density so that I can go back to sleep and stay asleep! 

So here I am, post cereal and muffin, ready to give sleep another go. 

My midwife says that pregnancy insomnia doesn’t really hit until 34 weeks. Bull-fucking-shit. I’m only 21 weeks and I’m frickin’ dying over here. 

Anyone else experience pregnancy insomnia? When did it start for you?

Provera, Diarrhea, and Waiting for AF

What a title eh?

Well, I finished my last dose of Provera on Saturday night. I was on a 10mg daily dose for 7 days, overlapping with Lupron. The Provera didn’t make me sleepy like the oral Prometrium usually does, which was disappointing (especially for the insomnia).

Some side effects that I did notice from the Provera were:
– constant back ache
– sore breasts toward the latter end of the week
– cramps roughly 12 hours after each dose, with the worst cramps from days 3-5, lasting 1-2 hours
– frequent urination at night- 3-4 times a night
– major constipation!

It’s hard to tease out what side effects were from the Lupron, but after consulting with the information sheet that came with my medication, as well as some IVF blogs, I think the following side effects are care of Lupron:
– super hungry (increases cell uptake of blood sugar and causes hypoglycaemia)
– insomnia
– mild headaches

For two days now, I’ve only been on the Lupron, and I’ve had the headaches. They aren’t bad, but have me retreating into the depths of a dark bedroom for a while.

As the Provera wears off, so has the constipation. Today, I have had frequent episodes of the runs. Fun times. Notice that I didn’t give you a TMI warning? (People who want babies should become desensitized to poop issues.) Diarrhea is a good thing though, as I would like my meals from three days ago to finally vacate my body. Diarrhea also means that my period is coming… Soon! *Fingers crossed* I can’t wait for CD1 and to start my stimulation drugs!

I have been tracking my BBT the past two days, so that I can get an idea of when to expect AF. Many women report not getting their period for up to two weeks after stopping Provera, so I’m a bit anxious about it. I’m super OCD about scheduling, so waiting for AF is pure torture for me. But my BBT has been hopeful, as this morning, my temperature dropped almost to half of the overall spike temperature. So I might start to bleed any day now. My withdrawal bleeds after Endometrin came three days later, so if I am consistent with that, I should get my period late tonight, or tomorrow.


For now, we wait.