4w5d: Still Bleeding

I think I’ve exhausted all of the forums online that come up when you google “red bleeding but high HCG”. 

Thank you everyone for your support during all of this. I am grateful for each and every one of your comments. 

I’m still bleeding, but it has slowed down a bit. Instead of changing pads every hour, I’m changing pads 4 times a day. The colour changes- it goes from red, to red/orange, to brown, and then back to red and cycles through again.

From everything I’ve read, the bleeding could either be from:

– a subchorionic bleed (too early for that though- the gestational sac hasn’t really even formed yet)

– cervical irritation (probably not, as I’ve been on Endometrin twice before, with no symptoms like this. Plus, I’m only putting the tablet in half way to avoid injury to my cervix.)

– a polyp or some cervical abnormality (I’ve had enough people in my vagina [for fertility reasons, ahem] to know that I do not have any polyps)

– implantation bleeding (too late for that to be red right now)

And the most likely scenario:

– miscarriage of one embryo (as my HCG continued to increase yesterday from 643 on Monday to 897 on Tuesday, but the doubling rate has decreased by exactly half)

It’s interesting to read the gamut of information on bleeding during pregnancy- most official pregnancy websites claim that 20% of normal pregnancies experience bleeding, yet a lot of advice websites say if you have bleeding not spotting, to see your doctor ASAP or go to the emergency room. 

I’m also thinking that the bleeding might be worse because I’m on the blood thinners- 81mg ASA, 5000IU Fragmin, and about 1500mg omega 3’s. 

My approach to all of this is that I’ll just keep monitoring my bleeding, and if I get super freaked out, I’ll ask for another beta. Then the big reveal in 12 days at my 6w3d ultrasound, where we get to see what’s going on.

In terms of symptoms, I still have none besides being tired enough in the afternoons for a nap. Even the hot flashes have stopped. Those of you who got nausea- when did that start?

IUI#4: Twelve Days Post Ovulation


BFN today, and still spotting some brown discharge….

Managed to get some good beach time in though. We went paddle boarding on Waikiki beach. It was amazing! Oh how I’ve missed the ocean!

Won’t be testing until Tuesday morning… Which also happens to be DW and my 3rd wedding anniversary! Fingers crossed for the best gift ever.

IUI#4: Eleven Days Post Ovulation

Two more flights later, we are in Honolulu! This is my first time here, and it is absolutely stunning. We were picked up by a friend of mine at the airport, who graciously and thoughtfully presented us with beautiful fresh leis.

We headed to a tiki bar (a real one), and enjoyed some Hawaiian cuisine. I had the Tako poke, an octopus dish, which I believe is raw. I love poke and ceviche and the like, and made the decision to eat it despite common recommendations to pregnant women. This of course caused a bit of discussion at our table, where I basically had to let my friend in on our recent baby making adventure, and my potentially pregnant status.

Later on in the day, we went to the beach where DW and I swam, and DW towed me along through the crashing waves (so fun!).

We headed to a Japanese BBQ restaurant, which was delicious. At the end of our meal, I went for a quick tinkle, and had dark brown streaks when I wiped. I was spotting. Pair that with the constant cramping I’ve had for the past two days and perhaps it’s implantation bleeding?

I’m trying to think positively, that maybe a little blastocyst decided to take up residence in my womb.

Now the question is, when shall we test?

I anxiously tested the next morning (12DPO), and this is what I saw: