Happiness Cycle Day 28: Doppelgängers

I took the dogs to the park this morning, and on our way back to the car a man was following us, making bird noises and freaking me out.

Juno’s found football.

I walked faster, and once at the car, Juno obediently got in the back seat, gently placing her football on the middle seat. Clem wouldn’t get in because of some unspoken ownership and boundary rules between her, Juno, and that football, that prevented her from entering on that side, so I had to bring her around the car so she could get in on the other side. (Dog drama!)

Once we were at the other rear door, I saw Clem on the other side of the road, being followed by a car. I totally freaked out and yelled her name, and was startled when she pounced my left knee, as she was actually right beside me. I did a double take, and the dog on the other side of the street wasn’t Clem at all, but rather, a doppelgänger! The car that followed behind him was his owner, the gentleman who was making bird calls at us earlier.

The man parked his car and came over to talk to me. He explained that while I walked in front of him, he thought that his dogs had decided to follow me. He found it entertaining that his dog was playing football fetch with someone else. When his dogs reappeared from the bushes, he realized that they weren’t his dogs I was walking, they were mine! He was confused because they look so alike!

His dogs: Mavi and Effra


My dogs: Clementine and Juno


The resemblance is uncanny!