The Kitchen in My Bathroom

My bathroom is cluttered.

There are bottles everywhere, unlabelled, with strange concoctions in them.

In my shower, I have a glass bottle of “Kombucha”, except that it isn’t really Kombucha, but rather an apple cider vinegar and water mixture. I also have a glass jam jar of coconut oil, and a ziplock protecting my peppermint shampoo bar and my African black soap.

I’ve been making the switch over to simple and pure (lacking in harmful chemicals) beauty and hygiene products for some time now. I’ve done a lot of research on the toxicity of common body care products on and have been purging and replacing items with natural or homemade solutions. It’s been fun and I’ve been enjoying not spending a whole lot of money on the expensive things that I used to buy- Aveda products mostly.

Darling Wife finds my slightly OCD behaviour a bit amusing but mostly annoying, I’m sure.

What we need is a bigger bathroom with more storage I think.

One can dream…

Until then, I suppose I’ll try to keep the unlabelled bottles tidier.