Fertility Friend Was Right

Yesterday’s blood work confirmed what my BBT suggested- as of yesterday morning (CD18), I had not yet ovulated. I got a phone call this morning from the nurse that I should start Provera on Monday along with the Lupron, and that I will be taking the Provera for 7 days. After a few days of stopping, I should get my period, which will be CD1 of our actual stimulation cycle!

*TMI warning*
Last night, I discovered what must be some kind of cervical mucus plug. It came out while I was showering, and was a huge glob the size of my thumb. I experienced this on my last natural (meaning non-FET) cycle as well, and recorded it in Fertility Friend. Last time, it was followed by three days of copious amounts of EWCM and then ovulation. Fun times.

I haven’t been sleeping well, which also seems to be a recurring symptom that I’m noticing the week before ovulation. I can’t wait for the Provera, as I find that I sleep so much better during my luteal phase (or with lots of progesterone). I have become a progesterone junkie. I just love that shit.

For now, we’ve been keeping busy. DW has been chipping away at school work and marking, as well as taking the dogs on their regular hikes (she doesn’t get to take them as much during the school week, which is when I usually take them). I’ve been working through Jessie Hilgenberg’s Muscle Building Program, which is kicking my ass due to the sheer volume of exercises and reps. I’m used to doing reps in the range of 6-8, and 4 sets of 5-6 exercises, but her program includes a lot more reps (12-20) and more sets (4-5), and 6-7 exercises. It’s forcing me to take longer rest periods, which has me at the gym for almost 90 minutes for just weight lifting (previously, I would lift for 40 minutes and do cardio for 20 minutes). This doesn’t leave much time for cardio, which is fine because she doesn’t include much in this beginning phase of her Muscle Building Program. I’ve also jacked up my protein intake and incorporated more carbs back into my diet, which is different for me as well since I was previously on a low carb, moderate fat, moderate protein diet. I’m fighting against some hard-gaining genetics (and soon-to-be fertility drugs) though, so we will see what happens with all of this. My goal isn’t to lose weight, it is to pack on as much muscle as I can before the embryo transfer. Pregnancy made me so tired last time that I just know I won’t have the energy to do any heavy lifting.

Pre-Lupron Scan

And so it begins again. Welcome to 2015! I have a super long end-of-year review post in my drafts, but 2014 was such a sad year for us that I’ve decided not to post it.

In short, 2014 was the year of:
– IVF#1
– 4 embryo transfers (2 DW, 2 me)
– 3 miscarriages (5 weeks, 5 weeks, 7 weeks)
– indescribable work stress + clinical depression and anxiety = leave from work
– revealed immune issues (NK cytokines)

But we’ve resurfaced, a bit jaded but still hopeful, and with 2015 we welcome IVF#2.

Today is CD18 of my pre-IVF cycle, and I went for my pre-Lupron blood work and ultrasound this morning. I’m supposed to start Lupron on CD21, so I am guessing that this scan is to make sure that there are no cysts, and that I have ovulated by now…. Which according to my BBT, I have not.

(I am a lazy BBT-taker)

At my appointment, I explored the different options with the nurse. Since I was not put on BCPs at the beginning of this cycle (I believe they can be over suppressing, but make predicting AF so much easier), I was allowed to cycle through naturally, and I usually ovulate on or after CD21, with a 10 day luteal phase after that. Now, if I truly have not ovulated, then I should be starting Provera at the same time as the Lupron, but if I have indeed ovulated, then I should just proceed with the Lupron alone.

The head nurse was supposed to check my blood work from earlier today and let me know if it suggests that I have already ovulated (higher progesterone levels), but I haven’t heard from her yet. She also doesn’t work weekends, so I worry that I won’t hear from her at all before Monday, which is when I am supposed to start the Lupron. Overall, it’s not a big deal because I can always start the Provera Monday night if needed, but I would just like to know ahead of time so that I can fill and pick up the prescription.

I have already spent an inordinate amount of time consulting with Dr. Google over this, and the risk of going on the Lupron without having ovulated is growing ovarian cysts, which can secrete estrogen and mess up the hormones that they are trying to tightly control in the first place. I am also prone to having ovarian cysts.

Anyways, I guess we wait. But yeah, things are starting again, and I’m excited for my Lupron start on Monday!

Otherwise, we have been keeping busy with fun and happy things. My mother came to visit from Vancouver, which was surprisingly very lovely. Having a nice big Christmas dinner with my mom and DW’s family was great too. Everyone gets along so well. Now that everyone has dispersed, my days seem a bit lonelier.

One of our life-long bucket list goals is to hike the entire length of the Bruce Trail, which is a 900 kilometre long path along the Niagara escarpment extending from Niagara to Tobermory, Ontario.

(Photo from: http://www.torontohiking.com/tohi/what-is-the-bruce-trail.html)

DW completed some of the Niagara section on her own during her teenage years, some of the Hamilton and Burlington sections during her rock climbing days, and we’ve completed four portions of the trail with the dogs since we met, two of which happened during this winter break.

Here are some photos from the Bruce:





Holy shit.

The sperm’s on ice (technically liquid nitrogen), cervical mucus was flowing this morning, and we’ve got a +opk folks!

I felt some cramping all mid-morning and early afternoon, which is all gone now (it’s late evening now), and I’m just waiting for Darling Wife to come home from her course. [Damn that course… ]

I’m hoping we haven’t missed our best chance by waiting for her to get home. I was tempted to grab a mirror and inseminate myself today lol. But she would likely kill me. Plus, how romantic to have her deflower me with a plastic speculum! Just like in the fairy tales!

Anyways, so we wait…




Waiting to O

I’m getting antsy. I’ve got ants in my pants. Wait a minute, that isn’t ants, that’s cervical mucous! No shit Sherlock, I think I might ovulate soon.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.

Holy crap!

I’ve been waiting since Sunday for my cervical mucous, and have been stressing about coordinating the timing of ordering the delivery of sperm with when I’m ovulating and when my family doc’s office hours are. Lemme tell you, it’s been hell trying to keep myself from unraveling.

Darling wife, who is currently taking extra courses to become certified to be a vice-principal, has also been sick with the flu (I’ve infected her with the plague :s) and has been consumed with the business of work/health/gardening, so I’m trying not to burden her with my anxiety- because really, there’s nothing I can do but wait…..

So everyday, I’m discretely peeing on an LH stick at work, and then not-so-discretely again at home in the evening, hoping to catch the beginning of my LH spike.

Sperm’s also going to be shipped to my family doc tomorrow, and if I haven’t gotten a spike by Thursday morning, I will have to drive down there and bring the sperm and insemination kit home to do ourselves, which, I’m totally fine with. I’m pretty confident in my clinical skills (I had to learn how to deliver babies and do gynaecological exams in school after all), and am confident in my darling’s ability to follow orders and execute plans perfectly. She is highly kinaesthetic so I have no doubt that she could rock this insemination.

I’m just curious as to what this kit looks like….


Lucky Number Nineteen

I don’t have problems admitting when I’m wrong. Though, it does sting like a B when it’s about something I’ve ranted about.

I’ll give you an example:

For the past 3 cycles, I’ve been charting my BBT, and during each cycle, Fertility Friend (an app) tells me that I’m ovulating on CD26 of my 36 day cycle.

Since we’ve started our monitoring cycle, I’ve been going in every other day to have bloodwork and ultrasound done. This is how it’s gone:

CD3: bw and u/s – unremarkable
CD5: bw and u/s – unremarkable
CD6: sonohysterogram – unremarkable
CD7: bw and u/s – unremarkable
CD9: bw and u/s – told that my follicles were small (9mm)
CD11: bw and u/s – told that my follicles were “slow to grow” (10mm)
CD13: bw and u/s – told that my follicles were runts and they were being difficult (10mm)
CD15: bw and u/s – told that we’d for sure need to be on drugs to help “speed things along”. (14mm)
CD17: bw and u/s – told that my follicles were finally growing (16mm)
CD19: bw and u/s – (19mm follicle) told that I’d have to come in every day until I ovulate. Disappointed, but compliant, I booked every 6:40am appointment this entire week. Afterwards, I went to the car where I had a shitfit over the phone with Darling Wife, and threatened that I might lose will power because this was way too much work. That I felt like a pin cushion / piece of meat / totally violated (transvaginal ultrasound). And that she couldn’t empathize because she doesn’t have to get up almost 45 mins earlier than usual because of the appointments…..

I had a melt down.

Not a “fix my problems for me” meltdown, but rather, a “I’m bitching just to bitch” meltdown. I’ve been having a lot of these lately because I’m so stressed at work.

Anyways, I felt like an ass, because Darling Wife always wanted to be “the one to get pregnant”. But timing-wise and financially, it makes more sense for me to be the host body.

So I get to work after all my venting, teach 2 classes, help students during my lunch, teach another class, attend a staff meeting, clean up some lab chemicals, check my phone when I notice that I have a voice message.

It’s from my monitoring nurse.

She tells me that my lab results came in from today’s bloodwork, and it turns out that I’m starting to ovulate.

O v u l a t e .

But… Today is CD19!?!?!!


Best part is, that she cancelled all of my monitoring appointments, and the next time I go in is next Monday. Yippeee!

Today I felt lucky.

Cycle day 19, I’ve got a 19mm follicle, and it’s gonna break out soon!



O Ovum, Ovum! Wherefore art thou Ovum?

It is cycle day 22 (CD22) and I’m still waiting for that ‘spike’ in my BBT.


Still waiting.

I’ve got my EWCM already and my cervix is soft, sitting high, and open. If you don’t already know what EWCM stands for, you might not want to look it up, in case it is tmi (too much information).

I’m all dressed up with no where to go…