Dumplin’: 34 Weeks Gestation

Hola friends! Geeze, it’s been two weeks since my last post. Lots to update you on, but not a lot of time to do it. I’ve been back at work for two weeks now, and I’m loving it. The kids are so polite and well mannered. One even noticed that I had finished my bottle of water and offered to get me another from downstairs in the main office! Sweet teenagers (said no one!), they really are. The school administration was also very kind to me and scheduled all of my classes in the same classroom, so I don’t have far to travel between classes, which is nice. Though, I’m in the opposite wing from the office, so I do have to walk a lot and climb stairs at least four times a day. By about noon, my feet are super swollen and I’m waddling like a duck because my pelvis is so strained. At my midwife appointment on Tuesday, the midwife felt that Dumplin’s head had engaged (dropped lower into my pelvis). I guess that explains the discomfort with walking and sitting! She also told me to start considering going on leave soon, and with each week’s sleep getting worse and discomfort increasing, I’m thinking I will only be able to stick it out for another two weeks or so. I’m so tired that I’m starting to get sleepy driving, which is a huge problem too. 

Here’s this week’s bump picture:


Oh, and my belly button is now an outie!

  This past weekend, a wonderful friend hosted our baby shower at her parents’ farm house in the country. It was beautifully decorated, there were fun “game” stations around the room, a photo booth, and she served the yummiest spread of pulled pork sammys, salads, cake, candy, cupcakes, and punch. 

 We mingled for three hours with our thirty or so guests, and then opened gifts. People were incredibly thoughtful and generous, and we were both in tears at the end when we were giving our thank you speeches. We were so touched by their presence in celebrating Dumplin’ with us.
  Handmade gifts (below):

 We also finished another creative project for Dumplin’s nursery: an Edison bulb antler sconce, which hangs above the glider in our nursing/reading corner. It is so beautiful, and the photo really doesn’t do it justice.


 This weekend we will be busy with odds and ends- school work, organizing and washing Dumplin’s new clothes, preparing a hospital bag, and writing thank you cards. 


Pregnancy Insomnia: Is it too Early?

Well it’s 2am, and I can’t sleep. It’s been like this for over a week now, and I’m throwing in the towel… Except, I can’t really. I have insomnia again, and friends it is bad. A combination of feeling uncomfortable in every sleeping position + the worst allergies ever + having to get up to pee 3+ times a night + being hungry in the middle of the night = hell.

Normally, I just hop on my phone and get caught up on my blogs, and then head over to the repetitive drivel of the “What to Expect Due Date boards”. Most times, reading people fuss over baby names and/or how upset they are that they didn’t get the gender that they are wanted (waaaaahh! Cry me a river, Fertile Myrtle!) is enough to lull me to sleep. However, tonight, the hunger pangs and slight uterine cramps that I’ve been experiencing (growing much?) have me going down to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. While normally, I would go for something more balanced, I didn’t want to start frying up some eggs and turkey kielbasa lest I wake DW up with cooking sounds or its lovely savoury aroma. So instead, I reached for the box of Chex and almond breeze, which didn’t satisfy me. Then I grabbed a GF chocolate chip breakfast muffin (remember that I don’t like sweets right now, and kinda don’t like the taste of chocolate even), sliced it up into horizontal sections, and then slathered it with as much peanut butter as its surface area would allow. My goal here is caloric density so that I can go back to sleep and stay asleep! 

So here I am, post cereal and muffin, ready to give sleep another go. 

My midwife says that pregnancy insomnia doesn’t really hit until 34 weeks. Bull-fucking-shit. I’m only 21 weeks and I’m frickin’ dying over here. 

Anyone else experience pregnancy insomnia? When did it start for you?