Dumplin’s Sex Revealed!

Geeze, it took me two days to figure out how to upload a video onto YouTube, but here it is! 

10 out of 18 predicted that Dumplin’ is a GIRL.

8 out of 18 predicted that Dumplin’ is a BOY.

Dumplin’s sex is revealed through our cupcake surprise with my in-laws….

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A Quickie Update: 16 Weeks

I know I’m posting this a couple of days late, but better late than never.

We just got back from a relaxing long weekend spent at the cottage with my MIL and FIL.  

We were also expecting my BIL, SIL, and their kids to show up as well, and planned a surprise sex reveal. I baked some gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, cored them, and then filled them with coloured icing. I then dressed the top of the cupcakes with white cream cheese icing. 

My BIL, SIL, nephews, and niece didn’t show up (they were busy at their own cottage), but we went ahead with the cupcake surprise with my MIL and FIL anyways.

I won’t spoil it quite yet, but I do plan to reveal Dumplin’s sex on the blog  soon.

For now, I would love to hear your predictions!

To help, I thought I’d share some fun bump pictures:



Bump progression. 


16 Week Bump.

So what’s your guess? Is Dumplin’ a girl or a boy?