10 Weeks

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and I happily survived it without being pranked. DW teaches at a school that has a high immigrant population, and she said it was entertaining how the kids didn’t “get” what April Fool’s is about. Some teachers pretended to give surprise tests, upsetting innocent students. Some kids in her ESL class tried their hand at some April Tom Foolery, but instead just went around the classroom pointing at classmates and calling them “asshole”. Oh the joys of teaching!

The weather has been warming up here (by warm I mean above freezing), but as I thumb-type this, it’s starting to rain. I was supposed to have a midwife appointment today, but for the second week in a row, my midwife had to reschedule me because she’s at a birth. So I meet her for the first time next week.

People, I am 10 weeks tomorrow!

Symptom-wise, I’m pretty much the same as last week. 

– I’m still suffering from all-day sickness and food aversions, though I’m able to eat some veggies now. I haven’t touched meat in a long time however, and am forcing vegetarian protein substitutes down my throat instead (tofu, tempeh, chickpeas, eggs). 

– headaches persist through the afternoon and evening

– exhaustion

– acne

– [new symptom] muscle soreness- my muscles are sore even from gentle use. Right now my lower back, calves, and left glute are sore.

Once in a while, I feel little flutters in my belly, and I like to think that it’s either Dumplin’ moving or her home expanding. I don’t really have a bump yet, what I have is more of a carb pooch + bloat. I went to see my acupuncturist this week, and he was all ecstatic and asked “are you showing already?!”. I was embarrassed and said no, blaming my full bladder and bloat. 

[Omg, I’m falling asleep just writing this post.]

So it’s Easter this long weekend, and we’re driving out of town to see DW’s family. We usually have a simple dinner together with my MIL + FIL, BIL + SIL + 2 nephews + niece. It’s low-key and casual, and in general we just hope that the dogs don’t fight with their dog cousin, and that my MIL doesn’t get too drunk. 

While everyone knows that we’ve been aggressively trying to make a baby, there really hasn’t been any formal announcement of our pregnancy. Ideally, DW and I would wait until 14 weeks before telling them, but since we probably won’t see them for a while, I figured that we’d announce to them this weekend when we’re all together.

So today I’ve been blowing out, drawing on, decorating, and dying eggs. Blowing out eggs is gross on a normal day, and absolutely disgusting when you’ve got morning sickness. Just think: snotty looking stuff and salmonella everywhere. Don’t worry, I disinfected afterwards.


Eggs, pre-dye. 


Eggs, avec dye.

Then I printed off and rolled up these little messages to slip into the eggs.



The finished product.

The idea is to give each member of the family a decorated egg, which they will crack open to reveal the secret message! 

This was a fun and easy crafting activity for me. I was surprised though, that we have no crayons in the house!?! We have boxes and boxes of pencil crayons, but no wax crayons. So weird. 

Anyways, nothing else to report. I’m thinking of all of you in your respective journeys, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that April will be a very lucky month, filled with good news.

Easter card made by my MIL (the most talented crafter):


9 Weeks- Dumplin’ and the Earthquake

Not a whole lot has changed since week 8. Taking the Diclectin 2x a day has been great for managing my all-day sickness. Yesterday, I forgot my afternoon dose, and was dry heaving all evening. That was some reassurance that Dumplin’ is still doing well and making me sick.

I was supposed to have a midwife appointment yesterday, but she called and rescheduled because she was at a birth and wouldn’t likely make it back in time for our appointment. I haven’t met this midwife yet, but she seemed nice over the phone.

After our ultrasound on Monday, I’ve been feeling a lot better about this pregnancy sticking around. My feelings of security are still wavering though. I joined a due date group on Facebook, and every single day, a woman posts about a miscarriage or no longer seeing a heartbeat. It’s sad, and also terrifying. On the other hand, at this point, we have a 98% chance of a successful pregnancy. I know that our case is unique, with the autoimmune stuff going on, but I’m hanging on to the fact that 98% is pretty damn close to 100%.

All day yesterday, and all day today (so far), I’ve had really loose stools. It’s not quite diarrhea, but more like the cat poops I tend to have when I just start my period. They are airy, and I pooped about 8 times yesterday. This morning, I have already pooped 4 times. No blood, no mucus. At first, I worried that it might be food poisoning, but I haven’t really had cramps or felt sick. Now I’m wondering if I have just been eating too much fibre? I have been living off pancakes for two weeks now, and then felt really guilty about my poor food choices that I replaced the pancakes with oatmeal and hemp seeds, and have been force-feeding myself salad and veggies at least once a day. Could this be the culprit?

My TSH is on the low side (0.3) despite lowering my dose of levothryoxine to my pre-conception dose. My endocrinologist called today, and wants me to lower it even further to only taking 25mcg 6 days a week (instead of 7). Does anyone know if working out increases thyroid demands, as I’m wondering if my levels are so good because I’m NOT working out. I’m considering exercising a bit again soon, but wonder if it would mess with my thyroid levels.

I’m considering returning to exercising soon. Nothing intense like I used to do, but mostly a yoga class and maybe some elliptical cardio. Then if that feels good, I’ll reintroduce some light weightlifting. The gym that I go to has regular yoga classes, but I’m not sure of what “restrictions” there are on postures during first trimester. I know a lot of you bloggers do prenatal yoga. Can you advise on what to avoid this early in my pregnancy? Merci beaucoup!

And finally… after 6 weeks of waiting… I had my first orgasm!Pregnancy has increased my libido somehow, and out of fear, I have been abstaining from any orgasm-causing action. I generally have a fairly high drive, and several times in the past 6 weeks, I have woken up to having orgasms in my sleep. And I mean, full-on, body quivering, uterus-contracting EARTHQUAKES! DW and I joke around that poor little Dumplin’ is grasping the walls of her amniotic sac, screaming “Earthquaaaaaaakkke!”. I spoke to the midwife yesterday about whether it was safe for me to be having orgasms now, and she said that when we have orgasms, oxytocin is released, which normally causes contractions like in labour, but that it isn’t until the 3rd trimester that we start to develop oxytocin receptors. That is why they often encourage orgasms as a way to encourage labour at term. For now, it means we’re all good to orgasm away.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing else to report. I’m still exhausted, I have headaches from the afternoon on, but otherwise, all is well. I’m looking forward to feeling better and better about this pregnancy as each day passes.  

TWW Symptom Obsessions

For those who aren’t familiar with the lingo, #DP5DT stands for number of days post 5-day blastocyst transfer. If you want to convert it to days post ovulation (DPO), you add 5 days (because our little blastocysts have had a 5 day head start.

For example: 9DP5DT means nine days post five day blastocyst transfer, and is equivalent to 14 days post ovulation.

Now for DW’s symptoms:

Saturday May 17th (5DP5DT)- mild cramping
Sunday May 18th (6DP5DT)- fatigue, dizziness, trace spotting
Tuesday May 20th (8DP5DT)- mild nausea, dizziness

Fingers and toes are all crossed!

IUI#4: Nine and Ten Days Post Ovulation


So I’m home for a quick visit before we head to Hawaii. My father recently had a heart attack, and was originally supposed to come with us on the vacation. He is contemplating his own mortality, and has been making his wishes known to us, in terms of his estate. It freaks me out a bit.

I’m not good with deep emotional sentiments, even though I come from a family of really emotional and emotionally expressive people. At any given family dinner, it is the norm for there to be tears shed- tears of sadness, tears of happiness, tears due to uncontainable laughter. I often worry about some family members’ emotional stability, but that’s a topic for another blog post, or a novel pehaps.

Last night we arrived in Vancouver, a place I was born, raised, and educated. I left here in 2004 for professional school in Ontario, always intending to return and practice. Things don’t always go as planned. Now I visit every other year, and am amazed by how much has changed, how much I’ve forgotten about it (like simple street names- it’s Jervis, not Jarvis), and how much I miss.

Today DW started having cramps. She also complained of what we call “cat poops”, a sure fire indication of impending menstruation. Sure enough, when she went to the washroom after lunch, some spotting. We’ve been hoping that our cycles would sync up, but they haven’t, even after four years! Stubborn ovaries!

I have been having some cramps as well today. I’m 10DPO, so I am not expecting AF.

Last night I didn’t sleep. I should clarify, I couldn’t sleep. I have been so anxious lately, partly due to family issues, but also significantly due to TTC-ing. I am close to snapping on a dildo-cam technician, I mean, ultrasound technologist. I told DW yesterday that if this IUI doesn’t work, I’m done. I’m done with the countless blood draws, I’m done with leaving the RE clinic feeling violated and like there’s something wrong with me. I hate not having control of my body, my schedule, and the increasing amount of anxiety that plagues me during each TWW. This entire cycle, I have not slept properly. I do not function well when under slept.

I have also gained almost 10 lbs from all of the fertility drugs. This makes me feel miserable, as I already have some body dismorphia. Good thing I’m heading to Hawaii tomorrow, where it feels like 40 degrees Celsius, and where I have to wear a bikini. Great.