N’ Sync For the First Time?

In the four plus years that DW and I have been together, our menstrual cycles have never synchronized. I know that on a pheromone level, women who spend a considerable time together sometimes exhibit a syncing of their periods. This has never happened to us.

A mutual colleague of ours has described both DW and I to have “strong personalities”, which I find interesting because I don’t think that I do. (Perhaps I need to reconsider this). So we blame the non-syncing on the tug-o-war occurring between our respective pheromones. That hers is pulling on mine and vice versa, both parties trying to sway the other to join their rhythm. Both equal in the magnitude of their strength, so no one wins. A stalemate of follicular and luteal sorts.

Except that in a week from now, there is a great possibility that there may be a win-win tie.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂