24.5 Weeks: 2-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

I went to watch DW play hockey yesterday (with a team that I also used to play with). It’s nice to see my friends/teammates, and being “door bitch”, I get to be as close to the action as possible. We were playing a notoriously rough team. A particular defence-person that I’m usually up against caused another player to break her tibia two weeks ago. There was shouting back and forth. Bodies were being checked left, right, and center. Luckily, DW is a little Tasmanian devil out there. The score stayed 2-1 (us) for the majority of the game, but we took so many unwarranted penalties and the other team had about 6 minutes of power play time. In the end, we won, and Dumplin’ got lots of belly rubs.

We got home at about 10, and we were famished. On the way home we stopped at a local Vietnamese restaurant hoping that they were still serving food, but they weren’t. So sadly, we were left to our own devices for dinner. DW made dirty mac and cheese, and I baked a frozen gluten-free pizza. We both had some dirty Natural Selections pork wieners too. By 11pm, we were fed.

Fast forward to this morning, when we both woke up from shitty sleeps. We got out of bed at 8:30 and by 9am, we were at the blood lab. I was number 34 in the wait, but luckily, I saw a sign that said “If you are doing a 1-hr or 2-hr test, please let the nurse know”. So I got to jump the line. A nurse processed me quickly, and then took my blood with a butterfly needle (used for babies). She tapped a new vein that I’ve never seen anyone tap before (score!). As an added bonus, I piggybacked my thyroid blood work and a CBC on the same prick. 

After the fasting blood work, the nurse gave me the dreaded orange drink, which I was instructed to finish within 5 minutes. I have been reading other people’s accounts of the orange drink, which range from “it was fine” to “I was hospitalized from the continuous vomiting I experienced from the orange drink”. Surprisingly, most of the comments were more like the latter. 

  Anyways, I drank it. A 75g bottle. And it was fine. It tasted like melted orange Freezies, and burned a bit as it went down. It left a gross feeling in my mouth, which made me want to wash it down with some water, but I wasn’t allowed. So I sat, and waited. Hopped on Instagram. Looked at some dog grooming ideas with DW (Juno is gonna get a “swimmers cut” soon.

 DW dropped me off in the morning, and then went to grab herself some breakfast at Starbucks. She returned and has been sitting with me while I wait.

1 hour post orange drink blood work went fine. The nurse tapped the same vein as she did for the fasting, but just a bit proximal (up my arm). Butterfly needle again. Blood flow was good. Done. Back to my seat to wait. Blog a bit. Daydream about drinking water.

2 hours post orange drink, I had my third blood draw, joked a bit with the nurses (who were very kind and gentle  with me), and then promptly took a nice long drink of water. When we got to the car, I then started in on my pizza. Mmmmmmmm….. Yum! 

Overall, not such a bad experience. I think that having my wife with me, and having such kind nurses made the whole experience as good as it could be.

Happy Monday everyone!