Cloth Diapering Advice

So I am looking for some advice and suggestions. DW and I plan to cloth diaper Dumplin’ almost full-time. I say almost because we aren’t opposed to disposables for convenience (going out, night time if he’s a heavy wetter, et cetera). Anyways, we’re trying to figure out what to do for storing dirty diapers in his nursery. We plan to have a Diaper Genie Elite for the disposables and any nasty disposable wipes we might use, but we need a system for our wet and poopy cloth diapers and cloth wipes. 

I know that exclusively breastfed poops are a different ball game than when he starts to eat food. Once he has poop that needs to be scraped off, we will probably do that at the toilet. 

We are pretty good with routines, so the dirty cloth diapers and wipes will be brought to the laundry room, soaked, and washed probably every other day. 

Here are our concerns:

– smell (we have a small house, so if his poopy diaper bag/bin smells, the whole house will smell)

– cleanliness (I’m so not interested in drippings or having to clean the receptacle often)

– maintaining the longevity of the diapers (we will be doing fitted + covers for newborn, and then a mix of pockets, all-in-ones, and Tuck and Go’s afterwards)

– one-handedness of the system, so that we can always keep a hand on Dumplin’ (this is one reason a wet bag wouldn’t work for us- you need two hands to unzip/dispose/re-zip)

Thanks in advance for any experiences and or advice you can share!