IUI#4: Seven and Eight Days Post Ovulation


Twice so far on this roller coaster of a TTC journey, I have has some bitch-ass mood swings. Both times it felt like rage I could barely contain, but needed to release through some kind of physical means (translate: break something).

The first time I buried my head in my pillow and screamed at the top of my lungs, kicking and punching. Last time I sent myself to the gym to do intervals.

Both times occurred 8DPO, and were BFN’s.

This time I am moody and impatient, but don’t feel compelled to wreck anyone’s face . I even had an extended conversation with a family member, debated issues of homophobia and the appropriateness of marriage for gays when it has biblical origins, and still didnt want to put my foot through a wall.

DW worries this moodiness may become the norm for 8.5 months.

I hope the lack of violence is a good sign.

Oh, and I was woken last night by a pinching feeling in my lower right abdomen. *fingers crossed this means something*