IUI#3: The Two Week Wait that I Slept Away…

The theme of this two week wait (TWW) is: exhaustion.

Throughout this TWW, I have napped every single day, and sometimes twice a day! Originally, I had thought it might be a pregnancy symptom, but after doing some research, it seems it may just be a side effect of the progesterone suppositories. Other than that, no other symptoms. No breast tenderness, no cramps, no nausea.

I have however, had insatiable cravings for Korean food. I’m not Korean, so don’t have a deeply rooted history of turning to Korean food for comfort, but have craved for (and eaten 3 times this week) gamjatang. In fact, I’m still craving it.

Did blood work today at the clinic (12DPO), and find out whether I’m pregnant. I caved however, and peed on a strip this morning, which came up negative 😦

This IUI seemed different than the rest, and I really hope it’s the one.

We find out in an hour.

IUI#3: Natural Disasters that Did Not Occur in My Reproductive System

So last night there was massive rainfall in the Greater Toronto Area. We broke records established from the 50’s. It rained more between 5pm to 6pm than it does in a whole month in July. Highways, subways, the Go-Train, and many other main roads were under water and closed down. Electricity went out for hours in many cities. People were freaking out. The news stations ate it up, covering “dramatic rescues” and such all night and this morning.

Not to diminish the magnitude of this natural disaster, but while people were being “rescued” via inflatable dinghy out of thigh-deep water, I went for a massage. Somehow it seemed like a good idea to me to have my muscles tenderized by a big 250lb male RMT named “Dave” the night before I was inseminated.

The next day, we got up early and made a pitstop at our neighbourhood Star.bucks. for some SKV (skinny vanilla) lattes, mine made with decaf espresso.

DW had to drop off a document camera to the supply teacher covering for her at summer school, so meanwhile, in the car, I pulled out my acupuncture needles and did a fertility protocol on myself. I got shy at one point when another car pulled up next to me, and made DW move the car to a different spot.

Afterwards, we were on our way, and one highway later, we were at our RE’s clinic.

It was a beautiful but muggy day, with a light drizzle occurring after the night’s destructive storm. I mentioned to DW that I think I was born on a rainy Tuesday. My father made a VHS film of the day him and my grampa picked my mum and I up from the hospital. Personal camcorders were still kind of a big deal then, and he attempted a sorts of artistic things, such as filming going through an automatic car wash. Fun times.

Soon we found ourselves parked in the lot behind our RE’s clinic, contemplating the risks and benefits of a pre-IUI orgasm. We even moved the car to a more “private” spot, but the mixture of my OCD for being early for appointments, the humidity, and the fact that I needed to orgasm on demand made it impossible to get off.

So we turned on the ignition and parked in our original spot.

We waited in the waiting room, and then were transferred into a treatment room. Soon after undressing and covering myself up with the thin but large paper “napkin”, the RE came in. We were ecstatic that our IUI was to be done by our RE! This time around, there was no pain and no leakage! Even after getting up and walking to the car, no leakage.

We were quite pleased with his technique, as well as his general disposition. The nurse that we had last time wrangled my tender cervix like it was wild bull, and shoved that catheter in with very little finesse. Next time, if I can, I am going to insist on having him do the IUI.

Once home, I took a 3 hour nap and then resume lazy activities. That night, I also started my progesterone pills again.

Now we brave the two week wait!

Timing for IUI#3

Sun June 23- stopped progesterone
Tues June 25- CD1
Thurs June 27- CD3 – full-bladder U/S and BW
Thurs June 27 (CD3) to Mon July 1 (CD7) – femara 5mg
Wed July 3 (CD9)- follicles: R (15 mm), L (2 x 12mm)
Thurs July 4 (CD10)- follicles same as CD9
Fri July 5 (CD11)- follicles: R (17mm), L (same as previous)
Sat July 6 ( CD12)- follicles: R (20mm), L (same as previous)
Sun July 7 (CD13)- R (21.9mm)- Ovidrel at 8pm
Tues July 9 (CD15)-insemination IUI at 8:15am