The Pain of Loss

Rest in Peace little embabies.



Lady’s HCG has dropped more than half since our first positive result.

She is currently actively miscarrying. She woke up this morning with bad cramps, which have been coming and going throughout the day.

It is such a one-eighty from the symptoms she had been having just 24 hours ago: fatigue, indigestion, nausea, pregnancy sickness.

We are devastated.

Every night I’ve been talking to her tummy, giving them “pep talks”.

Today DW went in for what was just supposed to be trivial conformational bloodwork. She got the bad news from the nurse just before having to teach her last period class- standing in the staff room, other teachers just feet from her, socializing, laughing, having a great Friday. She was confused when the nurse said, “I’m sorry “, and then felt her heart weigh heavy in her chest, making it difficult to breathe. The bell rang soon after, and she rushed to her classroom, heart dragging behind her on the floor, trying to keep it together.

We are home now, embabyless, still trying to keep it together.

Who Would’ve Thought That a Faint Pink Line

Could make me do a happy dance?!!?

DW peed on a stick this morn. We waited the recommended five minutes and low and behold….

She is pregnant!

The big dog looked at me weird this morning, as if I were to blame for knocking up her mom (actually, yes, yes I am! I paid for it with my VISA didn’t I?)

Tomorrow is the blood bHCG test, and then another repeat two days after that. No official celebrations until I get the good word on Friday….

Any suggestions on how to celebrate?

Car Crisis Averted

So the Volvo dealership lied to us.

They said that without the $4000+ repairs that they suggested, our 1995 would not pass the emissions test required in our province to renew its registration.

We did no repairs, and will not be returning to Volvo for service.


Take THAT Volvo!

So I guess we can wait on that minivan purchase we were pressed to make.