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Why I Didn’t Get Pregnant

At our appointment yesterday with the RE, he discussed how it was unusual that I didn’t get pregnant via the IUI’s that we did. He reviewed my blood work, my sonohysterogram, my ultrasound results for each treatment cycle, and could not find any reason why it didn’t take. I ovulate on my own, there were no structural challenges (e.g. fibroids), and there were a good number of follicles present each cycle. The only thing he could conclude was that either: there was some kind of adhesion or endometriosis near the opening to the fallopian tube that they couldn’t see, or that there is an autoimmune disorder that is making my uterus an inhospitable environment for implantation. DW and I pondered for a while, and wondered if maybe it could be due to a) the massive ovarian mass that I had in 2010 that was 1.5 x 2.5 cm, which was so unusual that it caused my physician and specialists to suspect that I might have ovarian cancer. It ruptured on its own, but could have left scar tissue behind. Or b) my Celiac Disease, which is being treated with my strict gluten-free diet. Who knows.

DW’s bloodwork has come back normal, and apparently she has “very young looking ovaries”, according to the Russian ultrasound technician. Her sonohysterogram revealed a possible blocked left fallopian tube, which we wonder if resulted from her abdominal hernia a few years ago, as it happened on the same side. It might have affected her ovulation, if we were to try natural cycles with her eggs.

Either way, going the route of Plan B is the best plan of action given our stats.

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