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#30×30 Challenge Day 8

The dogs and I had an amazing hike at the conservation park. The sun was shining, the wind was pleasant, and there was not a cloud in the sky!


The dogs got to swim a lot, play fetch in the water, run through the forests…

And then, at some point, the big dog sprinted past me, and I caught a glimpse of something blue in her mouth….

I asked her to “show me” what it was, and she dropped it at my feet:


Then she proceeded to bark at me with the same tone that she uses when she wants me to throw something for her to fetch.


Obviously, I’m thinking “hells NO!”, and firmly ask her to “leave it”. Thankfully, she is obedient and does as she is told.

With sadness in her eyes, we walked away from the blue dildo (aka bestest fetch toy in the world) and continued on with our hike.

On the last leg of our jaunt, she found a puddle:


So you can guess how I spent the first hour of my time once we were back at home…..

Bathing the dirty dog!


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