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Today is Mochi’s Due Date

Just a quickie to acknowledge that today is Mochi’s due date. Still no signs of labour or anything, and we are waiting to hear from the hospital about what time they will be inserting a cervical dilation gel on Tuesday evening. The plan is gel on Tuesday night, home for the night, then cervical check on Wednesday morning. Rinse and repeat until DW’s cervix is favourably dilated and effaced for a pitocin drip. 

Also- We bought a minivan. The paperwork goes through tomorrow, and hopefully we can pick up our new wheels on Tuesday before the hospital. I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to the Subaru, but I’m happy to have more space and more comfortable seating! 

I think DW is more at peace now, knowing that Mochi will be in our arms soon. Her arms and feet just can’t take it any longer. 

Last night I started the Remeron (the sleep med that is supposed to cause weight gain), out of desperation. It made me drowsy within an hour, but I had interrupted sleep and woke up really drowsy. I also woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck- flu-like symptoms and a fever. My whole body aches, sore throat, headaches, and my breasts have been sore. I’m pretty sure it’s mastitis, and have been trying to get Dumplin’ to nurse more frequently to dislodge the clog or infection, but he is so distracted and not interested in nursing much these days. I’ve taken Tylenol all day, and am taking 4800mg of soy lecithin, hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling much better. I guess the sleep deprivation and emotional stress finally took its toll on my health. I feel like ass, and need to be well before Mochi comes. Right now I can’t even lift Dumplin’ or hold him against my body without pain. And sleep…. We all need more sleep.

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  1. Oh no! The breast issue is extremely worrisome. I have some experience with breast clogs and babies that are disinterested in breastfeeding. My advice is a hot shower with the water spraying on the nipple, massage the area that feels clogged in the shower with the hot water (as hot as you can stand) running on the breast/nipple, and preferably under a bright light. Pay attention and closely examine the nipple. Often times I can see a little white clog and can actually sort of push and pinch it out with my nail. Sounds painful, but when you see the trapped milk come spraying out and the instant relief and softening of the breast, it will be totally worth it. If all that doesn’t work, start nursing or pumping as soon as you get out of the shower. Repeat if necessary, taking breaks or a nap in between as you require.

    • So interesting that you can sometimes see the clog- I’ve never been able to. I did do a hot bath/shower and had Dumplin’ nurse after I’d soaked and massaged things a bit. Then I hand expressed while he nursed. Then I took a pump to both boobs. My breasts were so sore and swollen after that. This morning, I felt a bit better, but took 2 Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen and feel a lot better this afternoon. Both breasts are soft now and have been fully drained, thank goodness! Thank you so much for the advice!

  2. Gah. I hope you can clear the mastitis and get medical help if you can’t. Good advice from sbear above on that front.

    You know it has taken all i have not to scream that the midwife has let DW go this long without pushing induction. There’s no good freaking reason for waiting until 40w for women over 38. And even younger. I’m praying Mochi stays safe and DW redonda well to the cervadil or whatever they’re using. If she doesn’t I’d be pressing for more aggressive intervention if I were DW. The risks of leaving baby in are higher than getting baby out at this point. Damn our effing stupid backwards medical system.

    • *responds well. Poor DW. She must be beyond miserable. Sorry for projecting my fear of stillbirth onto her. A former colleague just had a stillbirth at 39w5d and she is young so of course nobody was worried about letting her carry on with minimal observation and no option to deliver at 39w or earlier. Drives me bonkers.

  3. Your family has so much going on right now! I really hope your mastitis is cleared up before Baby Mochi makes their appearance.

    So anxious for all of you to hear about Mochi making their appearance. Poor J has to be beyond miserable at this point.

    • Thank you! I feel loads better already. Minivan is in the driveway, car seats are both installed, meals prepped and packed away, hospital bags are packed… We’re ready for Mochi! Fingers crossed that DW responds well to the cervical gel!

      • Best of luck to you two! Glad you’re feeling better today and now just catch up on rest and we’ll be keeping you both in our thoughts. Hope Dumplin’s doing welll too

  4. I hope you are doing better today. Mastitis is terrible and if that’s what it is then get your antibiotics asap.

    Sending you guys lots of love. I wish we were just a smidge closer so we could be more helpful, but let us know if there is anything we can do.

    • Thanks Rachel. You two have already been super helpful. I am feeling so much better today. I even slept last night, which was a nice change! Subaru has been traded in for a minivan. Minivan is in the driveway already lol. Now we just wait for Mochi.

  5. I wish relief for both you and DW! I can’t wait to see the baby. And her feet need some relief! Good luck with everything, ill be thinking of you all! Gia says hello to Dumplin and welcome Mochi!

  6. I so hope you feel better soon. Mastitis sucks. So do blockages. Gotta get you well in time for Mochi! Thinking of all of you. Can’t wait until we get to see a photo of DW’s feet looking human again. πŸ™‚

  7. Its good that you’re holding off on feeding Dumplin’ food so that he can still nurse, as i read in your other post. When i started with food i noticed the things doctors recommend like rice cereal and oats just keep baby full for way too long and away from nursing. It was an adjustment and i didnt plunge right in with cereals as recommended by my doctor because also baby got constipated. Now that he also drinks less but when he does can drink all the milk at one feeding we kind of got synched up again and my body adjusted.
    We’re just doing food tastings and if its a small feeding then veggie or fruit – something light. Potatoes put him in a carb coma lol!

    Hope you feel better soon, and congrats on the new van! Thats such a relief to have these things taken care of.

    • Yes- the processed carbs seem so pointless other than as empty calories. We will probably wait quite a while before introducing them. We did play a bit with introducing sweet potato today though, and he loved it! It’s funny- as someone who loves food like we do, we’re so stressed about starting Dumplin’ on solids. Maybe because he always seems to want what we’re eating lol. I was eating an orange today and he kept grabbing at it and opening his mouth when I was eating over his head lol.

      • Ohhhh i know that reaction all too well- actually it breaks my heart. I’m not used to eating alone and it feels like i’m depriving him so we caved and started tastings- which was against the doctor but she seems kind of “old school” (or whatever it is they teach in the medical field)
        I know my mum said i was demanding food at 4 months.
        You will figure it out and also be able to focus and do testings for allergy or intolerances when your mind is more at ease, for now Dumplin’s still getting the best in breast milk !

  8. I’ve been lax with commenting lately, but you three – well, almost four – are in our thoughts! Hoping that Mochi has a smooth arrival and that you’re feeling better by the time Mochi makes an appearance. Best of luck with everything!
    (And when the newborn chaos eventually subsides, let’s do that play date!)

  9. So exciting! Hoping for a safe arrival of Mochi! I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. Wyatt is also in a major distraction phase. Could pumping help? Or would it make mastitus worse if that’s where you are at?

  10. Glad your mastitis is a bit better, yikes. Once I started getting that and I pumped for like 20 mins on the affected side after a warm soak… and blistered my boob! ugh horrible. Not fun and scary to boot.
    Cannot wait to hear about Mochi’s arrival and happy you guys got the arsenal to haul yourselves and the babies around! Very exciting I can’t wait to hear how life changes (if you’ll have time to tell us about it!).
    Also, I hope you soon find peace in your anxiety. I know things can be rough, you’re not alone and you’re doing your best πŸ™‚ Sending my best wishes and good luck to your DW (and you!) for delivery

  11. Friend, I wish I lived closer so that I can watch Dumplin’ and give you a break for a few hours. I’m so sorry about the sleep stuff. There is nothing worse than sleep deprivation, and it makes you so emotional and irritated (we are in the same boat!). Hopefully, all things will respolve themselves before Mochi’s arrival…sending you hugs and hoping that Mr. Sandman finds his way to you…

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