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Cent Cinquante Neuf

All-day pregnancy sickness has kicked me in the ass this week. I’m basically doing the bare minimum in terms of daily tasks (feed self, feed dogs, bathroom tasks), and then trying to sleep away the nausea in between. When I am awake, I feel like I’ve got the worst hangover of my life- nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms. My food aversions are terrible too- all foods are grossing me out. I had a bottle of Diclectin (Diclegis) leftover from last pregnancy, and finally decided that it was time to take it. I started it last night, and so far, it hasn’t kicked in yet (heard it can take several days to work) and makes me feel super groggy. I’ve never responded well to Unisom or Benedryl as a sleep aid- it keeps me drowsy but unable to sleep, contrary to what many other people experience (Diclectin as a wonderful sleep aid). 

This morning I dry heaved several times because I didn’t get my oatmeal in my tummy fast enough. However, I was able to finish an entire lunch and had a snack this afternoon. That’s progress!

So today was my viability ultrasound. 

And I have good news….

We have a heartbeat!

Dumplin’ is measuring 6 weeks 6 days (a little short of the 7 weeks 3 days that is based on my IVF dates), and has a heartbeat of 159!

There was also another empty sac measuring 0.6cmx0.4cmx0.3cm that could either be a subchorionic hemorrhage or a second gestational sac. Judging by the shape of it (sphere-like vs. crescent-like), RIP Dumplin’s Vanishing Twin.

So I’m not sure if we’ve graduated from the fertility clinic, but given the congratulations!, random loot bag they gave me, plus the requisition for my OB or midwife to sign off on (for me to do a 12 week screening ultrasound there), I’m guessing we did!

Loot bag (with a post-it note that says ” For OB patients only”)

What was inside the loot bag.

So yeah! They want me to start tapering off my prednisone in two weeks, but after consulting with some other RPL friends as well as investigating other protocols for NK cytokine activity, I’ve decided to go rogue and start tapering at 15 weeks instead. 

The progesterones and Fragmin they want me to stop abruptly at 12 weeks.

The aspirin I continue until 32 weeks. 

The synthroid I will continue as per my endocrinologist’s recommendations.

This week I will have my last intralipid infusion as well.

We are very happy to have viability. Given our losses, it’s difficult to be as bright-eyed and bushy tailed about it, as we know anything can happen. But we are taking it day by day, and are grateful that this little soul chose us.

And of course, we celebrated with some awesome authentic Chinese food for lunch! 

Tomorrow, we meet with our midwives for the first time! 

Thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts. Please continue to, as the next five weeks will be difficult as well. 

74 thoughts on “Cent Cinquante Neuf

  1. I’m incredibly happy for you! This is amazing. I’m so sorry about the other little soul, I know she is much loved.

    Your description of all-day sickness sounds exactly like mine. It sucks. All the seltzer and ginger candies in the world can’t fix it. But it does mean the baby is doing well! I can’t wait to hear more about it as time goes on. Hang on; it’ll get better. Congrats!

  2. I am over the mood excited for you and DW. It’s sad that one is gone, but also so great that one is doing so well with such an amazing FHR. I know you are far from feeling safe yet, but I will be hoping things continue well and like always will be keeping you in my thoughts. Love to you all!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, that is an amazing HR! I’ve still got some nagging fear though- because she’s measuring small for her gestational age. Ugh, why can’t I just be happy and let this go?!

      • I suspect you will have nagging fears through the entire pregnancy. This is one of the curses of having a history of loss. That said, I do hope you and DW are able to enjoy some happiness along the road. 🙂

  3. Oh god, I have been obsessively checking for updates yesterday (DW and I talked about your special day at breakfast and eplained to N how there are two ladies across the ocean waiting for someone like him very much) and now there’s so much relief to read your great news. A bit sad, that there was somthing that didn’t want to stay, but you’ve got a fricking heartbeat. And a strong one.
    Congratulations! Once there is that heartbeat, the chances are really really good, that you will be holding that wiggly little early Christmas present this year. Every day a step closer to the safe zone.
    I have always had a good feeling about this try for some reason, but didn’t want to write that to not jinx anything. I am so over the moon for you both (or actually for you four, since the dogs will make the best fur siblings ever). Today’s your midwife exam, righ? I hope she’s a good match.

    • Thanks! That’s such a sweet visual of you three over breakfast! I really hope this is it! Yes, day by day, we get closer to the safe zone. What is your opinion on her measuring four days small? That little piece is driving me crazy!

      • I can imagine the craziness you’re going through. You’re so strong, you can do it, even with the sickness and all, time is working in your favor. You’re more than halfway through that horrid first trimester already. It gets fun later.
        From what I know those ultrasounds rely a lot on how they place those little crosses/marker thingies. One milimeter can read as a couple of days. At least that’s what my doc explained, when the viking measured ahead at some times and behind on others and sometimes the gestational sac even measured differently from the embryo.
        I don’t know if you’ll benefit from it as well, but you perhaps might, being somewhat control-freakish like I am, well for me, I got my own little doppler (Sonoline B) at 10 weeks and listened to the heartbeat whenever I was going crazy with the thought that something might be wrong that I didn’t notice. Maybe something to ponder for the next three weeks.

  4. How lovely to read some fabulous news! Congratulations and I’ll be thinking of you all over the next 5 weeks. xx

  5. Yippee!!!!! So happy for you both that they have confirmed the heartbeat 😀 We didn’t get to hear ours but the doctor did show it to us beating away rapidly. Knowing that ‘this one’ is alive is amazing. I too am sorry for your loss of the other wee twin. Sending you lots of great vibes and Boyboy is jumping around right now too – of course it may be the meal I was eating whilst reading 😉 xx

  6. Well well well. Hooray for a heartbeat, sorry to hear about the empty sac (though perhaps it’s a relief to know that the bleeding had a tangible source?), and on to the next stage of the journey. Happy graduation to you!

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, it is nice to have some answers to why I had so much bleeding. Fingers crossed that the little one stays for the long haul! How are you doing? Haven’t seen an update in a long time!

  7. Hurrah!!!! I’m so pleased for you both!!! I know there’s still a long way to go, but a heartbeat is a BRILLIANT sign. Plus your great HCG numbers too. I’m glad you have a reason for the bleeding too, although I’m sorry about the twin. Your body did the right thing and supported the strong one. Well done and I hope the next few weeks are uneventful and not too nauseating 🙂 xxx

  8. I’ve been following your blog for a little while, and first of all – congratulations!! – second, like others have said, you really shouldn’t read too much into the measurement. My little one also measured 4 days small at our 6 w 5 d ultrasound, and both the ultrasound tech and doctor said the measurements aren’t an exact science, a lot depends on the position of the embryo and the technician. They said they allow for a one week discrepancy in either direction. That heart rate is fabulous, and that’s the real indicator 🙂

      • We are! Thank you. We are going to Vegas in 2 weeks and then going on a cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, grand caymans and Cozumel in May. I’m so excited! We’re torn between New York or driving back up the coast like we did last year in October. But overall we are good. The failed cycle has brought us closer than ever. We are going to revisit it when we get back. We are leaning towards buying a house and fostering instead. We will see. I have one last year in my twenties so maybe I’ll wait til im 30 to decide. 🙂

      • Looks like you’ve got some nice vacation time soon! I’m so jealous, it sounds amazing! We found that this crazy 3-year TTC journey has brought us closer too. With money, time, and something as intimate as fertility in the mix, it can either make or break couples. I’m so glad that it has made you two stronger. I think that we communicate better, and are more empathetic to each other’s feelings. Have a wonderful holiday!

      • How is your B6/ginger remedy going? I’m not loving the Diclectin, and am reducing the dose because I’m honestly a zombie on it, and it doesn’t seem to take the permanent car-sick feeling away.

      • Totally helps! I find it ties me over for a few hours. If I eat a variety of smaller meals I’m usually ok. First thing in the morning and evenings are my worst times.

      • Yes, I was the same – first thing in the morning and from late afternoon on, and then it became all day, and then I started the Diclectin. The nice thing is that my food aversions have calmed down a bit. I even made a home cooked lunch today (I have not been able to stand food smells, and haven’t cooked at home in about a week). I feel like that was a huge accomplishment!

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