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25 Weeks Pregnant, and Glucose Tolerance Test Results

Just a quickie to let you know that we had our midwife appointment today, and all is well. 

– my blood pressure was low as usual (110/60)

– my fundal length is 23cm (up from 21cm 3 weeks ago)

– Dumplin’s heart rate was within normal limits

– my CBC came back normal

– I’m up 32 pounds from my prepregnancy weight
And guess what friends?

Remember how worried I was that I might develop Gestational Diabetes because of a strong family history (my mom had it with me, all babies in my family have been 10-11lbs, including my sister)…..



Woohoo!! No Gestational Diabetes for me!
So we went out and celebrated by going for some delicious food at one of my favourite Indian restaurants, Banjara at Bloor and Christie. 

 My lovely wife  
Butter chicken:

Bhendi masala:

Lamb curry:

Pulao rice:

We are attending a wedding dinner this weekend, so I went dress shopping at Motherhood Maternity. I tried on a couple of dresses and sent these pictures to DW to help me choose one. Look at how weird my belly looks in the one on the bottom left:

No bump photo this week, but I figure that this picture above would make up for it. 

Happy Thursday friends!

37 thoughts on “25 Weeks Pregnant, and Glucose Tolerance Test Results

    • Thanks! I’m so relieved. Now I can eat fruit without feeling guilty about it haha. Thanks for the compliment too. I’m happy with my dress choice! And DW, well, she is so beautiful on even her worst days!

  1. Great to hear the results! Love the dresses, even the bottom left – I love seeing the full on lady curves! That food looks delicious. I’m starving! DW didn’t look too enthused to be the subject of your photo!

    • Thanks! I’m so stoked that I passed. I ended up buying the top left grey dress with ruffles- the other three were maxi (floor) length and a bit too fancy for the business-casual attire we were told to wear. And the food…. It was amazing, but I’m still burping it up 5 hours later… Damn pregnancy indigestion!

  2. Ooh, I like that one – I kind of secretly like maternity clothes.

    Oh no, even tasty food is better when it goes down and stays down! I had no idea that burping and farting were such a main feature of pregnancy until I had my very own preggo 🙂

  3. Hurrah for passing the test!! That curry looks AMAZING. I love curry 🙂 Which dress did you go for? The one on the bottom left does make your bump stand out quite a lot!

    • Thanks! I’m so relieved and happy to have passed the test! We love curry too, and that restaurant has a wonderful sunroom. I ended up picking the top left dress- the grey with the ruffles. The one on the bottom left was so crazy on my belly!

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