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Now That’s a Big Dumplin’! And DW’s Transfer Date!

(Photo from: http://www.boozyburbs.com/2012/10/18/brand-new-mandu-factory-northvale-nj/)

Today we went downtown for our 28 week biophysical profile ultrasound at Mt. Sinai. I’m only 27 weeks 5 days, but close enough. Not everyone has this ultrasound, but after our scary NT scare at 12 weeks (thank goodness everything turned out okay), we get all sorts of fun precautionary appointments. Seriously though, we love the extra opportunities to see Dumplin’, and what he’s up to in there. The reassurance that all is good is also very nice. And like I’ve mentioned before, the peeps over at Mt. Sinai are da bomb and might be getting an Edible Arrangement from us. 

The ultrasound itself was actually really short in duration. Previous ultrasounds at 14 weeks and 18 weeks were about 45 minutes, we saw lots of stuff, and were given a pretty good commentary by the ultrasound tech. Today however, it was 8 minutes, and the guy doing it barely said two words. I guess he’s not a morning person? 

Pro Tip: Bring a hand mirror to your ultrasound appointments- so you can watch and see baby as they’re doing the scan! This is what we’ve been doing.

We got to see Dumplin’s positioning- he is already head down, right by my cervix, which is 3.4 cm right now. His face is looking at the left side of my back, and his legs are tucked near my far right ribs. Which is exactly the position that I predicted! When I feel movement, it’s usually strong kicks near my right ribs, and punches near the bottom of my left belly. Sometimes I feel both at the same time. I also rarely feel what feels like bubbles or popcorn popping near my cervix. I’m guessing that that might be hiccups?

Anyway the specialist said that at this point, there’s less space so Dumplin’ is unlikely to change position. So I’m really happy that he’s already setting himself up in a good birth position.

Functionally, he scored an 8/8 on his Biophysical tests- amniotic fluid, fetal movement, fetal tone, fetal breathing. Mommies are very happy about this!

The blood pressure in his umbilical artery is perfect, and my placental integrity is a grade 1 (best).

Size-wise, little Dumplin’ ain’t so little. His head is measuring 30 weeks, his legs are measuring 29 weeks, and overall, he’s measuring 1 week and 1 day ahead. He weighs 1260 grams = 2lbs 13oz, which puts him at the 80th percentile for his gestational age. 

I’m sorry if I’m boasting too much. We’re just so relieved that all is good with our little man. Ultrasounds have been kind of traumatic for us after all of the fertility treatments, sad miscarriages, and horrific NT scans. To have a “perfectly normal” scan is something to be celebrated!

So yeah, that’s one big Dumplin’!


In other news, DW’s started her daily regime of 27 pills (13 different drugs/vitamins) + 1 injection, and FRIDAY IS TRANSFER DAY!!! We are nervous and excited about it, and I’ve been giving her “spa” treatments everyday- massages and acupuncture on alternating days. We are begging the universe for some good vibes.

Pregnancy update to follow in a few days… 

47 thoughts on “Now That’s a Big Dumplin’! And DW’s Transfer Date!

  1. You have all the right to be proud of your little man! If you can’t boast here, then where can you?!?! :). So glad things are turning out! Crossing everything that Friday’s transfer brings Irish twins!

    • Thank you friend! We are so relieved. It really is a strange feeling having a “normal” ultrasound. We often go into these situations with our ears down and tails between our legs because of the three years of bad experiences. I know you have been there too.

      12 more weeks until our due date… So now I need to figure out how the exit plan is gonna go! My sister was 11lbs… And somehow my mom birthed her vaginally. So it can be done!

      Thanks for the support. We are comforted knowing that we have an army of support behind us.

  2. Wow Dumplin is amazing! Good for him and for you for cooking up such a healthy baby. I’m sure you’re relieved and you should definitely boast! It’s really exciting that DW’s transfer is coming up. I’m sure I should know this, but hers is a reciprocal IVF transfer of your egg embryo, right? Either way send her move and luck!

    • Thanks so much friend! Yes, Dumplin’ is amazing! In fact, I’m amazed by all of this- the growing of a baby, his body doing its thing, my body doing its thing… It’s all very beautiful. Mostly, I’m relieved that he is growing well and that my placenta seems to be nourishing him well. Having him head down is an awesome bonus!

      Yup, we have 5 frozen embryos left from IVF#2, so we are doing reciprocal with her again. I really really really hope this works. I would love for DW to experience how wonderful and beautiful pregnancy can be.

      • Oh my gosh, me too (would love to see DW experience a successful pregnancy). It would be interesting to talk to her about reciprocal when she has her baby, too, it’s interesting to grow a baby so close inside you then not be biologically related to her in the end, but so rewarding and beautiful. Your body is an amazing pregnancy machine! Good job mama!

      • Thank you! I think the whole reciprocal IVF thing is so neat. I love that you had that opportunity to carry Gia and to experience an even deeper bond with J through the pregnancy. I agree that our bodies are amazing machines!

      • It’s definitely an amazing way for both moms to feel connected, although I know moms feel connected whether they do reciprocal or not! I’m sending so many good wishes to Mochi and DW’s uterus!

  3. So glad everything is going okay….thanks for keeping us posted. I saw you might send your docs an edible arrangement …and thought just in case you could not find what you liked, here a site I have used , and everyone loves it…. they have some of just about anything from chocolate, anti pasta, fruit, popcorn , just to name a few, and I have sent some of my friends ones with interesting and cute containers ….hugs http://www.harryanddavid.com/

  4. Yay for a big Dumplin’! Sounds like he’s made himself very comfortable in there. 8 Minutes seems very fast – Di’s biophysical/breech scan was about 30 minutes (all they would say was that she was head down, still waiting to find out her size, etc.)

    Wow, only a few days till transfer day! Wishing you both the best of luck.

    • Thanks Sarah! At how many weeks was Junie’s biophysical? I am always curious to see how different places do things. At Mt. Sinai, the specialist reviews the images and measurements immediately after our ultrasound, and then meets with us to go through it thoroughly. So we get all of the measurements the same day. I hope you get the results soon, though it sounds like you got all the pertinent info already.

      Yup, lots of excitement this week. Fingers crossed for more good news this month- on your end and ours!

      • It was at 36 weeks 2 days, but we wouldn’t have been given a biophysical if it weren’t for the midwife suspecting that Junie was breech. She just said that as long as we were having the ‘breech protocol’, she’d get a biophysical done as well. We’re thinking that since we haven’t heard anything that all must be okay; we’ll likely get the results from the midwife at our appt. on Thursday. I’m so curious to know how big she is though, especially since she’s 37 weeks tomorrow!
        Yes, many fingers definitely crossed!

  5. Ahhh he’s perfect! Don’t ever be sorry for boasting (and I don’t really think you were) – you deserve to have your moments of joy and happiness about your baby! I can’t wait to see him when he’s born!

    It is very nice of you to acknowledge the staff at Sinai with a gift – I am sure you will make their day!

    Prayers for you and J on Friday. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thanks Linds! We are so relieved and happy. Now I have to think about the exit plan with such a big chunkalicious baby! Lol. Thanks for your unending support.

      Yeah I believe we will have one more appointment with the peeps at Mt. Sinai after Dumplin’ is born, so I have lots of time to think of a thoughtful gift to show our appreciation. I have just been so impressed by the whole team there.

  6. Awesome news! Don’t worry about the large factor, DD was always *huge*headed, but I managed to pop her out without being torn to smithereens. Good luck for DWs transfer!!

  7. Lots of exciting news for you three! Glad dumplin is doing so well and measuring nice and healthy! I call bullshit on him not being able to flip cause I have two babies in me, one is extra large and I’m a small person and my baby b flip flops all the time. That being said when they find a comfy spot I think their more likely to stay, my baby a hasn’t moved from head down the entire pregnancy! I can’t wait for the pregnancy update!

    • Yup, true. They can still move. Dumplin seems pretty comfy in that position though, as I think he’s been in that position for a while now. Fingers crossed he stays put!

      Exciting times ahead! Having experienced RPL yourself, you can imagine how anxious DW is for this last transfer. Fingers crossed it works.

  8. Wow, transfer on Friday? That’s so exciting! And I’m so happy dumplin is looking great! I am so rooting for DW this week. You guys are majorly in my thoughts.

  9. How exciting that her transfer is only days away. I’ll be thinking of you on friday. This second IVF has had beautiful results so far, hope it continues with those great embies.

    Awesome results on the us for your big boy. One worry less to know he is in a good launch position already. And it’s so much fun to have a big strong baby kick you in the lungs from inside, hehe. In my opinion, weight is overated for birth, the head size is what really counts. Also, I have heard several stories of kids, including mine, who were really large during pregnancy but didn’t grow much in the last weeks and went through a growth spurt after birth. My kid was 99.9% before and after, but only 3,9kg (70ish%) at birth. I think nature has some ways to regulate those things.

    • Yes, you’re so right. Nature definitely has a way of making birthing these babies possible. I’m not worried about his size. Big babies (10-11lb) run in my family, but everyone was able to deliver vaginally, and I’m probably the most fit of all of us, so I think I will be okay. It is such a relief that he is already head down! The swift kicks to the ribs isn’t very nice, but I love knowing he’s in there, awake, having fun 🙂

      3.9kg is big still! You did great delivering baby N!

    • Thank you! Yup, I’m doing well too. The aches and exhaustion have fully set in, but I’m still in good spirits. I’m so happy about our boy doing well (finally!).

      Thanks for the positive thoughts, wishes, and prayers for DW. We appreciate it. She’s getting very nervous as the day approaches. Yup, we are transferring one. We are a bit scared of multiples at this point, as well as the potential of losing two more embryos if it doesn’t work. Fingers crossed that it does work though 🙂

    • Aww thanks hun! I really am so thrilled that everything is going well with Dumplin’. After such a long run of bad news, it’s sooooo nice to just be “normal”. I hope all of the positivity carries through for DW’s transfer on Friday. Thanks for your support 🙂

  10. Go ahead Dumplin’! Getting all big and stuff! I would totally be boasting, considering how hard it was to get little guy here…all this good news is music to my ears! And FRIDAY!!! That was quick!!! DW, girl, I’m praying for everything to turn out great. Best of luck to the both of you and know that I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers…hugs to you both, and a good ole belly rub for Dumplin!

    • Thanks friend! You always bring a smile to my face 🙂 I’m so happy our boy is doing well. And big is on par for my family- having babies around 10-11lbs on average. So we’re good!

      Yes, the countdown is on for DW’s transfer. I’ve got lots of hope for this one, and your love and prayers are helping to supercharge it too!

    • Thank you! We’re very happy about it. Yeah, I’m not too worried about his size. I’m actually happy that it seems that he is thriving. RPL paranoia you know? It does have me being more open to an epidural though lol.

  11. So exciting that Dumpling is doing so well! I can definitely relate the feeling of worry when you have a history of bad scans etc. hearing that you’re not just doing ok, but doing great feels like parade worthy news!

    And, thinking of DW. I know she’s had a tough time of it and I know it would mean the world to you both if this transfer sticks. It would be beyond awesome to grow your family! Thinking of you both!

    • Thank you! I am so grateful that Dumplin’ is doing well too. Hopefully you will also continue to have good news as well. We would be over the moon to give Dumplin’ a sibling. Plus, I worry how another loss will affect my wife. There’s a lot riding on this.

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