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Embryo Transfer #6: Welcome Home Mochi

Two days ago, on a beautiful Friday morning, DW and I headed to the fertility clinic for her single blastocyst transfer. She’s been on a long list of meds for this cycle, in the hopes that it will combat whatever has been causing her recurrent miscarriages, and maximize little Mochi’s chances of a successful implantation and growth:

Since day 15 of her cycle, she’s been on: 

– 4mg Estrace 

– 3 x 100mg Endometrin (suppositories), 300mg Prometrium (orally)

– 20 mg prednisone

– 5000IU Fragmin injections

– 25 mcg + 6.25 mcg Synthroid

– 1800 mg Omega 3 Fish Oils (3:2 of EPA:DHA)

– 400IU vitamin E

– 300 mg vitamin B6

– 4000IU vitamin D

– 100mg zinc

– Pregvit Folic 5 multivitamin

The clinic was running really late that day, as they seemed to have the RE (who is an OB) booked with OB-GYN patients in addition to his regular fertility patients. DW’s transfer didn’t happen until about 1.5 hours after she was scheduled. But as usual, the transfer went smoothly, with no pain or discomfort at all (she has a very friendly cervix, as opposed to my angry s-shaped cervix). 

 Little Mochi in DW’s uterus:  
Now, in case you’re not familiar with the deliciousness that are Mochi, they are a Japanese dessert made of an outer sweet glutinous rice layer, and then usually a flavoured filling. DW loves Mochi, particularly the Taro flavour.

Many flavours of Mochi:   
(Above image from:  http://blog.wagashi-net.de/category/wagashi-sweets/mochi-wagashi/)

After our transfer, we headed to one of our favourite Korean restaurants for lunch. For the past couple of days, we’ve been chilling at home, trying to get DW not to do chores or yard work. It’s hard for her, since she’s such a busy body! 

Tonight, we’re heading to the cottage for a week of lakeside relaxation. See ya when we get back on Friday! 

Fingers, toes, and your dog’s pads crossed for good news in a week! Please keep us and Little Mochi in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you friends!

69 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer #6: Welcome Home Mochi

  1. So exciting!! That looks like a great list of meds/vitamins she’s on! Wishing you all the best! ❀ Let's do this Mochi! Grow baby! Grow!

      • She is feeling normal- symptomless except for a metallic taste in her mouth. Previous attempts, she’s felt cramping for one day and then nauseous. But we know how those attempts ended. We’re hoping that no symptoms is a good sign that her immune system is not flaring up? I know that with Dumplin’ I also had zero symptoms during my TWW. We might (hopefully) be hitting you up for more prednisone πŸ™‚ How are you and the new baby?

      • I’m keeping everything crossed for DW. When is beta day? Will she POAS or will you two wait for the blood test or for that day?

        New baby is a dream come true. And he has gained so much weight (and some length) since I started the Domperidone after struggling to build my supply what with the first 2 weeks from hell. You’d never know he was a preterm baby now, it’s quite amazing.

      • Thank you. Beta is on Monday (10DP5DT). She wants to POAS before then, but hasn’t decided which day to do it. Previously, she’s gotten BFP’s on 7DP5DT… But maybe we’ll wait until 8DP5DT just for kicks.

        I’m so glad new baby is such a dream! After all that you went through to get him, I’d say you’ve got lots more good baby vibes coming at you. I’m so happy to hear that feeding is going well too, and that he’s getting big and long! Keep up the good work, both of you πŸ™‚

  2. Sending positive, collective thoughts your way from VillageQ! List the blog in our directory so that we can keep tabs on new posts announcing good news!!

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