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Mochi: 11 Weeks Gestation

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend, but my in-laws were nice enough to move our family festivities to this weekend, since we had plans to go up to the cottage anyway. We had ribs, baked beans, two different kinds of salad, and some amazing cheesecake samosas that DW picked up from a local chef. The cottage was warm from our wood stove, and filled with the sound of children playing and adults laughing. It was wonderful. The leaves are also changing, and at one point, we heard fluttering in the woods. When we went to check it out, we were shocked to discover what it was…..

Wild turkeys perched in the trees! Three of them! On Faux Thanksgiving!

Anyways, DW is doing well. She is still super tired, has a weird taste in her mouth, and her heartburn is out of control! Ladies who have had heartburn, what have you taken that is safe during pregnancy?

Other non-fun pregnancy things that she’s noticed are: pimples, and her stomach is still unsettled when she’s hungry or tired. 

Her favourite foods this week: A&W Rootbeer, gourmet butter chicken samosas from that local chef, pasta, and oranges.

DW is excited to finally stop her fertility drugs soon. She’s already started tapering off of her Endometrin, and soon she will also be off Estrace, Fragmin, and will start tapering off her Prednisone too.

We’re also super excited to see Mochi on Wednesday. Given her recurrent pregnancy losses, she’s been super nervous because she hasn’t seen Mochi since she was discharged from the fertility clinic at her six week ultrasound. I know a lot of you can empathize.

Anyway, stay tuned! Lots of exciting stuff happening next week πŸ™‚

56 thoughts on “Mochi: 11 Weeks Gestation

  1. Tums is a given for heartburn, but I also found that my Diclectin helped with heartburn extremely well! If she’s not already on that, I would give that a go since it’s the safest thing aside from Tums. I know Zantac (ranitidine) is also suppose to be safe, but I think it’s Category B. Anyways, I can’t wait to hear all about your wife’s next scan! xoxo

  2. Magnesium is supposed to help a ton. Liquid that you rub on your skin. Pills are hard to absorb. And tums and antacids really exacerbate the problem in the long run so try not to take them

      • oh yeah that stuff is awesome for restless legs! definitely try the magnesium liquid (sometimes called oil) because the citrate is difficult to absorb in edible or drinkable form. I’ve been tryong to stay on top of the magnesium for myself because it is supposed to pre-e
        mptively help with morning sickness haha

  3. Green apples. And this will sound gross, but shots of apple cider vinegar took my heartburn away.
    Maybe it is just me and apples or something?

  4. I had a prescription for ranitidine for heartburn. I also took Gaviscon liquid for when it was really acting up. I’ve read that the calcium carbonate could have attributed to my anaemia, so make sure if she takes it she also takes or gets enough iron. My naturopath reccomended licorice root. That may be a good first step if you want to try the natural route.

  5. I took OTC Zantac once at night, OTC Nexium once in AM, and had a rX for Carafate liquid suspension that I only needed in the last couple of weeks. The over the counter meds controlled it well enough during most of the third trimester, but so didn’t have it too bad prior to the 3rd. It was awful, waking me up in the middle of the night choking on vomit kind of awful…and on top of hyoeremesis. Brutal.

    Wishing Mochi, Dumplin, and you ladies all the best!

    • Thanks! Sounds like your heartburn was pretty bad too. And with the HG… Yuck you poor girl. I’m sure the babies are totally worth it though! Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚

  6. Oops, sent too soon. I’m so stoked for you ladies getting your scans on Wednesday! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your fun update! I’m also excited for DW being able to stop that boatload of meds soon. What a relief that’ll be. I only had baby aspirin, estrogen & progesterone to take and that was already a pain. Xx

    • Thanks! We’re so excited for Wednesday! When did you stop taking your baby aspirin? Our RE had me on it until 34 weeks, but told DW to stop at 14 weeks, so we’re confused lol.

      • From what I read it’s not normally good to take long term through pregnancy, but maybe more to do with people who don’t have clotting issues per se. I stopped around 11 or 12 weeks I think. I was hesitant too, but all was fine.

  7. Gaviscon is safe and helped me. Somewhat anyway. Tums did nothing for me. Careful not to take either near in time to any other meds as heartburn remedies prevent or reduce absorption of other meds. I hope DW feels better soon. Glad you two got enough prednisone to keep her on it until now and glad you all had such a lovely weekend.

  8. Heartburn sucks! But if the old wive’s tale is to be believed, it means lots of hair, and it sure was a truth with ours! I had terrible heartburn. I drank a lot of milk and chewable Papaya Tablets were my friend. Great stuff, those things!

  9. We also celebrate thanksgiving at the cottage. I am so looking forward to this weekend, with the wood stove going and the cozy vibe. Good luck on Wednesday! Seeing Mochi will be so exciting!

  10. I got this from a Young Living oil testimonials page:

    I have encountered horrible heartburn during my pregnancy, and it seems to not matter what I eat, I still get it. I have found that drinking Alkalime twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and I don’t get heartburn at all during the day or at night.
    Also, I have discovered that peppermint either directly on my tongue or applied on my chest has helped greatly, in times where I don’t have access to Alkalime. I drink lemon oil in my water, and if I don’t drink this daily, I am more susceptible to heartburn and indigestion.

    If you’re interested, let me know and I can give you the info to order the peppermint and lemon oils. Excited for her scan on Wednesday…praying all is well!

  11. Wishing you guys all the best for the upcoming ultrasound. I can imagine how nerve wracking it must me. ps my mouth started watering when I read about these samosas. Sounds amazing. I need to go home now so I can eat.

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