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Registry Advice

Hi friends! Just a quick post to ask for any suggestions on things to register for for Dumplin’ or Mochi. My in-laws are throwing us a shower in March and people want us to register at Toys R Us. I had previously registered on Babylist but I think that it’s a bit too confusing for the senior citizens lol.

Today we’re planning to hit Toys R Us to start our registry, so any ideas on things you loved for your 6+ month baby would be awesome. Even things they loved at one year old would be helpful. We pretty much have everything we need for Mochi, except summer-specific things, so that’s why we’re focusing on items for Dumplin’. 

Merci beau coup!

19 thoughts on “Registry Advice

  1. Dunno about Toys R Us stock or US/Canada synergy, but items we love for bigger babies/kids: Lionheart booster seat, puddle jumper swim floaties (coast guard approved!), magazine subscriptions & museum memberships (might want to save these for birthdays/holidays), bath/swim toys, wooden play cube (ours is called BusyTown to give you an idea of what I’m talking about), play kitchen, trough bibs (baby bjorn makes these) and portable silicon placemats, sippy cups, snack containers, washable/wearable labels (we like Mabel’s labels brand but there are others), water bottles (camelback), tiny camp chairs, pea pod pop-up sleep tent, inflatable kid travel bed (not sure how long term you’re thinking here), wash cloths (got rid of a bunch when C was an infant only to realize we needed them for solid food clean up), bubble machine (awesome for kid parties), bobbly/bouncy balls, scooters/trike/balance bikes, puzzles, snack containers, snot sucker, white noise machine/sleep creature, exersaucer/jumparoo (though hand-me-down is better given how short-lived the usage is), toddler carrier/backpack, rain gear, snow suits, swim/play/art/music classes, etc.

    Sorry, I know that’s lots of toys and also totally random. Fwiw, though, I loved having clothes in bigger sizes–so exciting to discover them in storage when I was all sad about the kid aging out of all the cute baby clothes/gifts, and awesome not to have to buy it down the line.

  2. Do you have snowsuit for next winter yet? We are working on our registry now and will be getting a lot of hand-me-downs so we are trying to get creative and aim for later years. Looking forward to having a toddler, I just added snow suit and cute little sled to our prospective list… Maybe not the most necessary registry items, but if you already have a lot of what you need….

  3. Wooden play cube is our main toy. Peppa bonding dolls they are filled with wool and take on smells. Munchkin 360 cups are great for oral development and you don’t have to teach them to use a regular cup in the end. Ikea highchair is the easiest to spray down. White noise machine we still use every nap and night. Video monitor I prefer over audio. Tummy time mat. And musical instruments for eight months plus like a wooden egg shaker.

  4. Here are the things C uses regularly. She’s 1 week shy of 6 mos: Teething toys (Sophie the giraffe and the banana toothbrush in particular). Cloth books. The jumper that you hang from the door frame. Wash cloths. There are never enough once you start solids. Bath toys. Bowls with suction cups. Baby spoons (we have some that are short & chunky with silicone spoons & bamboo handles that she loves). Toys that play music/light up (think plastic crap that you never wanted but they LOVE IT). Exersaucer -we have the fisher prove rainforest one- big hit. Bumkins bibs -super easy to clean. Mesh feeders. Amber necklace. Also, consider registering for medicine cabinet type things: infant Tylenol & ibuprofen, gripe water, gas drops, hylands teething tablets & teething gel. Restaurant high chair/shopping cart cover. I just bought a toy with a suction cup on it that will stick to the table or high chair tray and it’s a huge hit. Socks with rubber grippers for when they’re bouncing in bouncers.

  5. I have sold or given away lots of baby toys by now but things he/ we loved and still love: Sophie la Giraffe, Skwish Manhatton toy classic (loved by 5 months or 50year olds alike). Then bath toys, sand and garden toys (several shovels, rake, different size buckets, watering can) which he has been using since 9 months old.
    Some of his favorites are Vtech Go Go cars, musical instruments, Little Tikes truck, 4 weel ride on toy (Wheely, Big Bobby car). An unflatable kiddy pool which can be filled with water or plastic balls (or even chestnuts in fall) for a ball pit.
    Tons of Legos. Different colors of silk fabric are also fun.
    One of the best toys ever was just a couple of bucks. We used them to custom build activity gyms for him, rattles, attached sippy cups in the car, pull stuff around and build blanket fortresses. Hard to explain, so here is a link http://www.jako-o.de/medias/sys_master/8800709181470.jpg

    Outside of toys, a bunch of spoons, sippy cups, bibs, toddler carrier, ring-sling or a new wrap , a bed rail for travelling (or foldable travel bed) and hook-on highchair, those anti-skid mats for the bathtub when he moves out of the little baby tub and one of those visors to keep water out of the eyes for hair washes.

  6. Get DVD players in your car. Best damn thing I’ve ever purchased. Both of the boys started hating car rides when they hit the 7-8 month mark. This worked WONDERS for us. No screaming babies in the cars ever again. You can even get children national geographic shows, just anything that creates a calm more content car ride. Sound machines in both nurseries for sleeping. Also works wonders.

  7. Our little man got a few dolls of different ethnicities that he likes to play with. A white noise machine, padraigs, shoes, what about a convertable car seat? We got the clek fllo. Pricey but pretty great. Bath toys.

  8. One more thought, how far is the closest playground? Perhaps a slide, swing, climbing structure, play house, sandbox for your garden. With two kids close in age, it’s probably an useful investment. Our kid was going up and down the big slides before he could even walk.

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