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Treating Anxiety: Days 3, 4, and 5 of Lexapro/Cipralex

The past three days have been the worst so far. The medication has made it impossible for me to fall asleep at night, even though I’m so tired. Night 3, I didn’t sleep a wink. By 5am, I was a desperate wreck and finally took 0.5mg of Ativan (lorazepam) to help sedate me. It took a while to kick in. I laid it bed until 8am when I heard Dumplin’ singing, and then I went to join him and DW as they played in the living room. By about 10am, I felt groggy, so I laid down again and fell asleep finally. I didn’t wake up until 1pm, when we had to get going to a friend’s going away party downtown. 

Night 4, I decided to take the Ativan in the evening with my Cipralex so that I had a chance at sleep. It worked, and I slept okay, but not deep enough to not notice Dumplin’ fussing for his regular 3 nighttime feedings. But, unlike all other nights, I returned to bed and was able to fall back asleep fairly quickly. The next afternoon, exhausted, and feeling really flat, I decided to bring Dumplin’ into our bed for a nap. It was the best nap we’d had in a long time. It was the perfect combination of both of us being tired, and both of us needing each other’s comfort. I woke up from the nap before he did, which is always nice compared to being woken up by him when I’m still needing more sleep. However, that nap involved an all-you-can-nurse buffet for Dumplin’, which may have been confusing for his nighttime sleep that night….

Night 5 sucked badly. Since Ativan is super habit-forming, DW and I decided that I should try sleeping without it. Again though, with the Cipralex coursing through my body, I got zero sleep. By 8:30am, I called it when I heard baby boy playing in his crib, and got on with our day. We went to the gym, came home, and then everybody napped. Again, I could not fall asleep!!! It’s so frustrating. Tonight, I’ll be sure to take the Ativan. 

Some key points about this transitional period:

– it sucks balls

– my insomnia is worse, but I’m not laying in bed with my mind racing. I just can’t seem to fall asleep

– being super sleep-deprived, I haven’t been doing my regular workouts, which has been hard on me too. I’ve snuck in a run on the treadmill at home, and some quickie weights here and there

– Dumplin’ has been sleeping like crap too- he’s in leap 5, which is termed the “world of relationships”. He is noticing the distance between us, and just wants to be close all the time, especially bedtime. Last night he cried from 7pm-10:30pm (previously minimal crying at bedtime), and kept rolling into the crib bars, peering between them and looking longingly for us. During nighttime feedings, he’s clutching my back and my hands while he nurses, and when I unlatch him, he starts wailing like he’s been hurt. He just doesn’t want me to stop holding him. It’s heartbreaking.

– DW has been my rock, and has been super supportive throughout this transitional period. She’s been watching Dumplin’ despite her extreme 38-weeks-pregnant discomfort. She has a hard time getting around because her feet are sooooooo swollen (she can’t even cram her feet into Crocs!), and struggles to carry the 21+ pound Dumplin’ because her hands and arms are so numb and painful from the shoulder impingement and carpal tunnel. I am so glad Mochi isn’t here yet, since I’m not through this transitional period with the Cipralex. 

Warning: freaky pictures of DW’s feet below.


19 thoughts on “Treating Anxiety: Days 3, 4, and 5 of Lexapro/Cipralex

  1. I hope this transition ends soon and you get the benefits of the meds without the side effects. Sleep is one of the reasons you went on it in the first place so once your body adjusts hopefully your thoughts are also called down and you get sleeeep! And man, those leaps are a bitch. I wish I could keep Gia strapped to my body sometimes so she doesn’t ever freak out, but sometimes I need a break! Dumplin will settle down again at least. And poor DW, I can’t believe her feet!

  2. OMG… DW’s feet look so miserable! Poor thing. That’s just awful! I’m so sorry sleep has been such an elusive little monster lately. Has the internet mentioned how long it takes your body to adjust on average? Are you anywhere near that point? This just sounds awful.

  3. Omg no!!!!1 her feet!!!!!! I’m sorry for everything you’re going through too but that is insanity. How does she even bend her ankle!?!

  4. Sending all the energy I can from NYC. You’re amazing. How are you even thinking about working out when you’ve had no sleep never mind actually doing it!? I’m in awe of you and DW.

  5. Oh my gosh. First of all, how are you running on NO sleep? My heart goes out to you. I hope sleep finds you and stays very soon!

    And your wife’s FEET! Good lord! I can’t even imagine how sore her feet must be, particularly at the end of the day.

  6. Oh man I remember my feet being like that. It sucked! Also I don’t think I could sleep thru the night now even if I tried. E sleeps next to me and I wake up and think “why the fuck am I awake? It’s 2am and the baby is sleeping!!” It sucks. I used to be such a great sleeper before kids! One day. One. Day! We will sleep again!

  7. I’m sorry for you all. I feel for you cause I’ve been in your shoes and your wife’s. Seriously my feet and legs were unrecognizable until 14 days after the birth. I hope everything levels out for you and that the newest addition arrives at the perfect time!

  8. Omg your poor wife!!!! Acupuncture always helped my swelling. Has she tried it yet or is it too late? I went grocery shopping at Superstore with Wyatt today. Showed him the Aquarium in the toy section and he seemed to like it. šŸ™‚ Thought of you guys even though we didn’t buy it. Hope tonight’s sleep goes better for you.

  9. I suffered from crippling anxiety and depression, but a mixture of conselling, yoga, and meditation sorted me right out. I also swear by the Bach tree remedy ASPEN.

    You’re doing so well. Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. You should be proud of yourself. xx

  10. Good lord, I am so sorry you’re all going through such a horrible time. You and your wife are still superhumans, dealing with all this while growing a tiny human und keeping the other young, but not so tiny anymore, human fed and cared for. I hope things get a bit better before Mochis arrival. Can you enlist a family member to come and help out for a while?

  11. My brother was just telling me he had a horrible transition with lexapro too, but now he couldn’t imagine taking anything else. I hope this transition period is almost over. And DW’s swelling looks and sounds miserable. I’m so sorry you both are struggling.

  12. oh dear, I hope you’re able to get through this transitional period soon and get to the other side. Things are just sounding miserable right now for everyone. Hope things start getting better very soon!

  13. Oh it sounds so hard :-(. I think you and Dumplin really needed each other – he could well be picking up on mama being distressed and that’s making him more clingy and nervous? I really hope this settles for you soon as it sounds dreadful. DW is being an absolute star for you. And those feet are incredible! Hoping this all passes soon and things become easier for you both.

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