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Day 9 and Happy Birthday to DW!


I don’t eat gelato or ice cream often, as sadly, I’m lactose intolerant. However, when I do indulge, my favourite gelato flavour is pistachio. Now, not all pistachio gelato is made equal, and my preference is for the type that has actual pistachio meat incorporated. In fact, I’m usually very disappointed when I try a new gelato place and the pistachio is mostly just extract.

If you’re ever in Toronto, there’s a chocolatier that makes the best truffles and also makes amazing gelato and real hot chocolate. It’s called Soma Chocolate. There are two locations: one in the Distillery District (where we had our wedding reception), and one on King St. near Spadina Ave.


Now yesterday was a super special day. It was DW’s 39th birthday! Unfortunately, it was a weekday, so she had to spend most of the day at work, but when she got home, we got to spend some time together. Yesterday was also the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year), and I wanted to combine the two into one celebration by having Chinese hotpot at home. Hotpot is basically a savoury fondue, where you communally cook meat and veggies in a common broth. Our hotpot has two compartments for different broths. DW loves hotpot, and I had plans to do one side miso and the other side homemade Tom yum soup from scratch.

(A hotpot night from a couple of years ago.)

So I started with getting the Tom Yum soup broth started…


But about 3/4 of the way through (45 minutes into food prep), I just felt exhausted from my day of running errands. The thought of chopping more veggies, dealing with setting up the hotpot, washing dishes, and etc. made me overwhelmed. So I asked DW if it was okay if we just had the Tom Yum soup for dinner, with no additional hotpot. Of course she said it was fine. The soup itself had prawns and scallops, and was packed with veggies.


Instead of birthday cake, DW prefers Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake. However, since it was just us two, and I can’t eat ice cream cake, I decided to get her something new:

DQ Blizzard Cupcakes!

She loved them!

We spent the rest of the evening on the couch, watching TV because we were so tired (she hasn’t been sleeping well either), and put ourselves to bed early. Last night, we both got a great sleep, and woke up this morning refreshed.

I guess this is what birthdays look like when you’re almost 40! (Obviously, I’m kidding. She is a very introverted and low key person in general, so this was perfect for her.)

Here are some of my favourite pictures of my favourite girl.










42 thoughts on “Day 9 and Happy Birthday to DW!

  1. As always, your meal looks amazing! And I am seriously going to have to get me some of those DQ Blizzard Cupcakes.
    I love the Distillery District and Soma Chocolate. I’ve only been once, a few years ago right before Christmas and I fell in love with both!
    And, I love the photos. I love the dog photos and the photo from your wedding!

    • Thank you! Yeah, whenever we head to the Distillery, we always hit up Soma. It’s definitely my favourite chocolate (and I don’t even really like chocolate in general).

      The “no wading” picture was pretty hilarious to take. There were a handful of homeless people yelling at us while we were trying to take the shot.

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    You always take such good pictures of food. Yesterday I crashed before 9pm and I really didn’t have any excuse for that (too early to be actually pregnant).

  3. Happy Happy Happy birthday DW! It sounds like a great one! This is how Callie and I celebrate birthdays most of the time too…and let me tell you! That’s a fine looking 39! I would have never guessed that was her age..I would have said late 20’s early 30’s..get that shit DW!!! And the soup looks amazing!

    • Thanks! Haha, yes she looks so young. At school sometimes, she is mistaken for a student. I’ll let her know you think she looks like a young 30 year old pup! It’s amazing how time flies…

  4. Happy birthday (belated), DW! She’s so lucky to have a cook like you! We use the same lemon grass paste. I used to buy it at the farmers market and cut it up but I couldn’t use it all before it went bad; the paste is awesome. And those DQ cupcakes look amazing, I love Dairy Queen! Beautiful pics.

      • Yup, looks like the Kensington location is closed for the season, but a Queen St. location is still open. How does Japanese gelato taste different than regular gelato?

      • I wouldn’t really say it’s Japanese. Will I be bricked if I say it’s ‘banking on’ the Japanese name to sell its wares? It’s general gelato with Asian-inspired flavors. In other words, yes you can probably find your common mattcha green tea gelato, but their forte is stuff like Thai Milk Tea (my fave!), or stuff that has certain ingredients we can find in Asian cuisine. Basil, for example is one that I wanted to try but I think they pair it with a fruit that doesn’t agree with me.

      • Yes, exactly. I’ll even go out on a limb and say it is Chinese-run, but I’m not 100% sure. But YASSS Thai iced tea!! It’s funny that Kekkou is the first place I discovered it – in gelato form, yes, but I loved it so much I had to hunt down the real stuff. Sadly….hard to find where I live. One Thai restaurant serves it but I find it a bit too strong (as in, too milky, too sweet, too concentrated). I suspect it’s the way they proportion the tea powder mix with their wet ingredients. But….oh yes, Thai iced teaaaaa 😀

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