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TWW Symptom Obsessions

For those who aren’t familiar with the lingo, #DP5DT stands for number of days post 5-day blastocyst transfer. If you want to convert it to days post ovulation (DPO), you add 5 days (because our little blastocysts have had a 5 day head start.

For example: 9DP5DT means nine days post five day blastocyst transfer, and is equivalent to 14 days post ovulation.

Now for DW’s symptoms:

Saturday May 17th (5DP5DT)- mild cramping
Sunday May 18th (6DP5DT)- fatigue, dizziness, trace spotting
Tuesday May 20th (8DP5DT)- mild nausea, dizziness

Fingers and toes are all crossed!

8 thoughts on “TWW Symptom Obsessions

  1. It’s interesting following your TWW, a little preview into what mine could feel like in a couple of weeks. It’s so exciting to read your wife’s symptoms! Sending you lots of good vibes and fingers crossed!

      • I hope you do! I don’t know any other couples in LA TTC right now so having the WordPress bloggers to talk to is great. I’m only following a few but after work I’m so excited to see how everyone’s doing on their blogs 🙂 Maybe we’ll be following each other’s baby bumps… (Well, your wife’s)!

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