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IVF#2: Embryo Development Day 3

So last year, we had 14 fertilized embryos on day 1, 11 of which survived to day 3.

Today, I got an update that all of our embryos are at the appropriate 6-8 cell stage, with one embryo having 10 cells already. Normal for day three is anywhere from 4-10 cells, ideally 8 cells by the end of the day, so we’re good there.

Now, of the entire batch of embryos:
6 are grade 2 (good quality, minimal fragmentation)
5 are grade 3 (average quality, moderate fragmentation)
2 are grade 3-4 (poor quality, a lot of fragmentation)

Judging by the total count of embryos here (13), I’m guessing that the single slow grower from yesterday caught up to the group.

The grading made me a bit nervous though, as I wonder why I don’t have any perfect grade 1 embryos. Is the grade 1 embryo just super rare? Is my egg quality not great, or is the grade 1 embryo a mythical creature like the unicorn?

Everything that I have read says that both the grade 2 and 3 embryos have good implantation potential. And a greater indicator of making it to the blastocyst stage is the embryo making the expected number of cells for its developmental day.

OHSS Watch:

Weight: down 1 pound
Umbilicus circumference: down 1 cm

I got out of bed today, and had minimal problems dressing myself (yesterday, DW had to help me put on my pants and socks- which was actually quite enjoyable). Peeing and pooping still hurt, but changing positions is accompanied by only mild pain now. My ovaries are still sore on palpation, but more like a sore muscle than active inflammation. The bloating is still there, much worse at night, but sleeping and peeing lots overnight seems to bring me back to a less bloated baseline.

DW and I started watching this show called “Transparent”, which has been really fantastic. It’s about a Jewish Patriarch who comes out as transgender to her family of quirky adult children. It’s got this really interesting tone to it. A humorous backdrop, with really deeply somber and tender moments. I’m loving it, and have to try hard to savour each episode rather than binge watch it.

Tonight though, is the Bachelor, and while I object to the whole premise of the show, I can’t seem to look away. Why is there always so much crying?

PS- embryo transfer is happening in T-minus 48 hours!!

31 thoughts on “IVF#2: Embryo Development Day 3

  1. Oh the pain upon peeing! I remember that oh too well. Fortunately, I was super constipated for a few days so I didn’t have to experience a bowel movement right away. Things are looking good. At my clinic they grade on a 20 point scale. They say they basically don’t give 19-20 ratings. A perfect embryo is just unheard of. Each is unique.

    • I’m so surprised by how much better I feel today. This time last IVF was when things started to get bad. I guess I should thank the Dostinex for that? Yes, the pain with peeing… I’ve been combating the constipation with Metamucil. I know the grading is so subjective and really anything can happen, but I’m such a worry wart. I think the fact that none of last year’s 7 blastocysts working out is still haunting me. I’m so scared it’s going to happen again. PS- I can’t wait for your update today!!! I’m so sure it will be good news!

  2. Transfer Just around the corner!! We are so excited for you…after following your journey, the struggles and the heartache, we just want this for you ladies so badly! Glad you’re feelin a bit better…and super excited to hear about your transfer. Our hearts and prayers continue With you!

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